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Sep 4, 2007 09:47 AM

Bad Bob's finally open!

Went to Ralph's Oceanside on Sunday afternoon an found Bad Bob's BBQ to be open. Had to drag my daughter in....

Ordered a pulled pork sandwich and a yardbird (chicken) sandwich to take home to the missus. Chatted with one of the owners while waiting at the bar. He stated that they burn hickory, and are running to pellets in their newest cooker. Seemed encouraging to me- went to Big Ed's in Lido a month ago and they were sayinghow they used just tiny chunks in their cooker (and it tasted like it to me.)

Pulled pork was pretty good. Got sauce on side. Mr Brown was crusty, definite smoke ring, and smoky flavor. Miss White was a little dry, IMO, and wanted sauce & slaw. Standard white burger bun (authentic.) Vinegar slaw- tasty.

Chicken had good flavor, but was very dry. My wife didn't like it- said it tasted chalky. I saw where she was coming from, mostly a function of being dry. The chicken appeared to be white meat- probably a mix in of dark would've helped, but dryness was tough to overcome.

All-in-all, I'd give it another try. They were out of brisket at the time (5ish- still working out the kinks, apparently.) I'm willing to wager that they are figuring out the best way to hold the cooked meat, and that chix & pork will be moister in my future.

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  1. Also stumbled on Bad Bob's, on Monday. Had the BBQ Brisket sandwich and wife had the Yardbird (sense a pattern here?).

    Definitely a go-backer. Brisket was really nicely flavored, as was the Chicken, and neither was dry. Fries were dusted with the rub, and good. Vinegar slaw was super. They were out of the fried pickles, so that's a must for next time.

    Staff was really friendly, and seemed open to suggestions for improvements (we requested that they offer real utensils instead of plastic).

    A good meal the first time out, and the place seems to have real potential to get even better as they work things out.

    There's another location in Pt. Washington, different franchisee. Haven't tried it yet.

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