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Sep 4, 2007 09:44 AM

Anyone Been to the Mining Company in Boone?

I'm taking an overnight trip to Boone from the eastern part of NC. It's a hastily arranged trip so I haven't given much thought about where to eat.

I'm looking for a casual place (no places with sports, live music or TVs) for this Friday night. I saw listings for a place called the Mining Company in Boone. Has any Chowhound been there? Care to comment? What kind of cuisine is served?

I've been to Angelica's, Melanie's and that Bandana's (bad barbecue IMHO) my last trip to Boone and I'm staying on Blowing Rock Road.

I don't do chain restaurants or fast food either.

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  1. I can't find any information about the Mining Company. Did the listing you saw give an address?

    1. I know it is too late to respond...hope you found a good spot for dinner. One of my favorite casual spots for lunch or casual dinner in Boone is Coyote Cafe in a the small strip mall next to Walmart. Healthy organic homemade soups, salsas and salad dressings a wide range of dishes with southwestern and Caribbean overtones.