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Where can I find the best Asian noodle soups in Dallas?

I enjoy Vietnam, but mainly because it is close to my house and office. Every once in a while I make it out to Pho Huy in Richardson. Sometimes I go to Bangkok City for their Hot and Sour Seafood Stew, which is so mediocre I walk out every time muttering "never again."

Where are the best Udon Noodle soups?

Best Chinese soups?

Best Thai soups?

Best Korean noodle soups?

I am partial to seafood soups . . .


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  1. Royal Thai on Greenville has an amazing seafood soup.

    One of the best hot and sour soups I ever had was at Steel. (This was a while ago, so not sure if it's still as good.)

    The seafood soup at Gloria's can be really good.

    1. For Korean, I don't remember the name but there is a place just East of KoMart on Royal. They basically only do soups very good. They also do a rather interesting "tea" which is really a beef broth. Very good on a cold day.

      1. Pho Bac at Beltline and Plano Rd. My business partner is Vietnamese and that's where we go.

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          My dad's favorite place in town for pho is Pho Bac.

          Thai Soon in Richardson does an excellent tom ka gai. But rather than being made with coconut milk, it's a broth-based soup. The flavor is amazing, with a much lighter feel. It had generous chunks of chicken and vegetables; the tomato was amazingly firm and perfect.

          I still haven't found a place that satisfies my ramen cravings.

        2. I have to say hands down MyTho in Garland off Plano and Walnut. The broth is clear and fresh and you're not overladen with MSG. They have excellent vermicelli and soups.

          1. Chau Kee Noodle, 3575 W. Walnut in Garland is part of the S.F. bay area Tung Kee Noodle house empire. Same menu and format as the bay area restaurants in a smaller setting.

            1. I just remembered the Korean soup with mochi and wonton-like dumplings at Jin Mi in Plano (15th+Independence) is VERY GOOD. It's much better than the one at Snow Mountain in Garland.

              We just tried Shrimp Wonton Soup at First Chinese BBQ (Richardson), which was recommended by Webra1 and it was good. The soup is pretty plain, but the wontons are huge.

              I don't have high hopes for good udon in Dallas...

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                I believe they have Udon at Ajisen in the Richardson "Chinatown". Not sure if you been there. The ramen I had there was ok. I guess I was expecting a Japanese noodle artisan throwing noodles like they do in Vancouver. I had the tonkatsu ramen and was a bit dissapointed. That might satify at least your craving for Udon.....not quite quench it though!


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                  Ajisen's Japanese chefs left earlier this year. I don't think the food there is quite Japanese anymore... The best bet for Udon in town is at Ino in Richardson.
                  (I'm very picky on udon and do not order udon at a restaurant even in Japan.)

                  1. re: kuidaore

                    kuidaore, I've tried the udon at Ino based on how many times I've seen you praise theirs and yeah, it was real good! Though I'll also admit that Genroku's nabeyaki udon is a guilty pleasure of mine and it's a great meal for below $10.

                    What do you guys think of the ramen at Mr. Wok?

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                      And I've never had udon at Ino! Phew, I'm glad it was good ^_^;) I've been to Ino only once. I recommend Ino and Sushiyama for the authenticity of the food. I had Shokado Bento at Ino, which is overpriced IMO. Based on the seasoning (the chef is from somewhere eastern Japan), I probably won't like his udon soup. But I've been meaning to go back there for lunch.

                      Air, don't you think Genroku's food has gone down the hill? Their bento boxes are smaller with fewer items now. Their $1 sushi gets smaller and smaller and the fish isn't as good as it was 2 yrs ago. We've decided not to go there anymore. My Chinese food master thinks their business isn't doing well and doesn't go there anymore, either. (He goes to Umeko now.)

                      1. re: kuidaore

                        Yeah, I would only go to Ino from time to time, IMO it's a tad bit expensive for what it is.

                        Notice how I called the nabeyaki udon a guilty pleasure .. also keep in mind I haven't tried anything comparable at a different restaurant. All in all, I just like the dish, but don't know where else to find it around here. That's the only reason I ever go to Genroku, but all in all, I also agree that all of their food in general has severely gone downhill.

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                          There are a few dishes I like at Genroku, their garlic eggplant in hot pot is still the best around, I've tried the one at Umeko, not as good. I like the small plate concept at Genroku, helps with portion sizing, but then I always oder too much food lending to an expensive bill. But Umeko does have fantastic taiwanese fried rice noodle, staple for a taiwanese menu, which Genroku does not have.

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                            Is the fried rice noodle N1. (Taiwanese-style) Fried Rice Noodles on the menu?

                            1. re: kuidaore

                              Yes the fried rice noodle is on the menu under noodle section on the menu at Umeko in plano. I've had it twice now and each time the chef adds a little different ingredients to make it special. Thanks for reading and posting.

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                      Strangely, Ajisen seems to target Chinese, not Japanese clientele in North America. I think all of their stores are in Chinese-American/Canadian communities.

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                      This place has a really good Asian seafood noodle soup (jahm-pong). Their black bean noodles (ja-ja mein) is the best in town as well. Stay away from the buffet, order off the menu. Would love to hear some feedback if anyone goes; especially from Kuidaore or Donnaries.


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                        adkim, I have not tried Chef Hsu (don't get down to that part of town often) but will keep it in mind. It looks to be northern Chinese style noodles (makes sense since the Chef is Korean, I guess).

                        to the original query, with particular regard to Chinese Beef Noodle Soup, King's Noodle (across the street from the Richardson 1st Chinese BBQ on Greenville Ave) served a decent bowl when they first opened. I haven't been back in about a year so I can only hope the quality is still good. I've had decent Beef Noodle Soup at Jeng Chi with a rich broth.

                        I had a bowl of Bo Bun Hue (Hue Style Spicy Beef Noodle Soup) from Song Huong in Arlington with a delicious broth recently. However, the service left much to be desired.

                        1. re: donnaaries

                          I go to King Noodle about 2X per month. I'm no expert, but the pork-broth-based-soups are delicious. I especially enjoy the Seafood versions.

                          The Cold Cucumber appetizer is also worth ordering. My taste buds tell me it's cucumber marinated in rice wine vinegar (or something similar?) with onions, garlic, carrots and serranos. For $2.25, it is one of my favorite dishes in town.

                          1. re: donnaaries

                            I have to agree on Song Huong in Arlington. This is one of the better bun bo hue I have had here in Dallas. If someone can think of others, please let me know. The bun bo hue is full of flavor and just the right amount of spice. We usually try to stop by every other week or so. The service here is very lacking but most Vietnamese restaurants are the same way. When we go to any Vietnamese restaurant we expect somewhat average to below average service, we have become accustomed to it. For this type of noodles, where most restaurants fall short of flavor, I can tolerate below average service so I can wake up my palate with its flavorful broth.

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                              Bun Bo Hue at La Me is defnitely spicy but also incorporates I believe shrimp paste....it is much different fromt he other bun bo hue's I have had around town. I am pretty sure New Kien Giang and Nam Hua both in Garland has it also. The service at both I believe are a bit above average especially at Nam Hua where I have always had excellent service. It might help to look up the Vietnamese to English translations of the condiments. It will make the waiters smile and they seem to be friendlier if you try.

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                            This place sounds VERY GOOD. I think our next get-together will take place here. I'm discussing it with our Chinese food master :-) Thanks for the tip!

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                              I have been to Chef Hsu many times for the buffet and have never seen anyone throwing noodles. They do happen to sit the "native" people away from the buffet people. I will try it out today for lunch and get back to ya'll.

                              1. re: kuidaore

                                Whenever I hit First Chinese for quick lunch, I'll drive past that King's Noodles and have never given it a second glance. Thanks for the tip, Donna! Also looking forward to another get together!

                              2. re: adkim

                                adkim, we went to Chef Hsu tonight with our Chinese food master. I don't know if it's the same noodle soup you like, but their Woo Dong Noodle Soup (non-spicy version) was wonderful! It's ramen noodle in soup full of seafood. The seafood (scallops, squid, mussles), soup and ramen were all so good. I'd go back there just for this dish!

                                Jahm-pong sounds like "champon" in Japanese.

                                Chef Hsu's menu shows it as "three seafood(fresh?) big something noodle" in Chinese characters.

                                Most of our group had a spicy version, but the non-spicy version was better according to the person who tasted both. 4 of our group were Chinese and they seemed to be impressed by the noodle soup.

                                Also, their abalone w/ asparagus and shark fin and crab meat dish were fantastic. Other people liked shrimp in chili sauce. I liked the beef with veggie. The sea cucumber with pork wasn't bad (I didn't like sea cucumber before.)

                                I guess "ja-ja mein" shows as "Cha Chiang Mein" on their menu? I have to try that next time.

                                donnaaries, the owners (brothers) of Chef Hsu speak Mandarin. Godwin ordered in Mandarin.

                                1. re: kuidaore

                                  I am so glad to hear that you liked it. Sorry for the butchering of the Chinese transcription, but it sounds like you made sense of them. There is also a wonderful dish that has a spicy mustard/vinegar sauce full of vegetables and shrimp. This dish is a must-try the next time you go back.

                                  1. re: adkim

                                    I think we had that, too. Cucumber and tomatoes with shrimp, scallops and beef, right? It was too spicy for me, but the group loved it. In fact, it was my partner's most favorite dish.

                                    That noodle soup was much better than Ajisen's ramen!

                                    1. re: kuidaore

                                      I think that is it. Yeah, it is a spicy dish and one that I crave a lot.

                            2. EE,

                              This is kind of late looking at the orignal post date. First off I don't believe I have had any noodles in a Thai soup. I wouldn't know where to get Udon soup at...I would try Ajisen. I didn't care for their ramen but I am not big on thick noodles either.

                              The majority of Chinese soups I have had did not have any noodles either but I prefer the hot and sour soup at Kirin Court or First Chinese BBQ. The seafood hot pot at First Chinese BBQ was ok, I didn't care for the imitation crab and the squid. I did however like the crab and asparagus (it feeds about 3 people though). There was a soup I saw (I am by no means an expert in Chinese cuisine) but I saw it at Sichuanese and the owner said it was Beijing style (???). It was enough for about 10 or so people. Sichuanese also had a boiled fish that is spicy and in somewhat of a broth.

                              Best Thai soups I have had was the Tom Kha and Tom Yum at Thai Soon and Zoom, both of which you can float some shrimp in them or a mixed seafood which I try to avoid.

                              I still have yet to go to a Korean soup place.

                              My favorite Pho places are MyTho or Doan on Walnut in Garland. I believe you can get you Pho with shrimp there too!

                              1. The best Beef Stew Noddle soup is at Shabu Shabu in Plano. Some of their other noddle soups are quite good too and they also serve good side dishes such as pig's ears and beef tripe!!

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                                  For Chinese soups, try Jeng Chi Bakery in Richardson, in the Greenville Ave strip center north of Beltline It toward the north end of the strip. They have a great variety of soups - noodle and non-noodle based ... among other things.

                                2. For Pho I think Pho Bac is the best and the worst. I think they make the best pho but I also heard it's the dirtest pho restaurant. You gotta take the good along with the bad.

                                  Among the Cantonese, First Chinese BBQ has the best Wonton Noodle Soup.

                                  I like to go to Nadina for Tom Ka Gai late at night on Lower Greenville.

                                  1. Best pho in town is My Tho in Garland. They have the best Hu Tieu and Bun Bo Hue and Bun dishes too. Chinese soups probably at First Chinese BBQ.

                                    1. Epicurious...try Gourmet China at Greenville and Forest , just a little bit south of LBJ and Greenville . They list it as House Noodle Soup , and it's quite good .

                                      1. I like the pho at Pho Bang in Garland. It's located in the same shopping center as Arc-En-Ciel. Their cha gio (egg rolls) are the made with rice paper, the traditional Vietnamese way.

                                        I often end up at Pho Pasteur because it's close to me. I really like their pork and shrimp spring rolls. There are several locations.

                                        The wonton noodle soup at First Chinese is one of my favorites too. I sometimes ask for Chinese broccoli to be added.

                                        I'm still in search of places for spicy beef noodle soup and udon. Thanks for the suggestions!

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                                          Pho Bistro in Carrollton at Frankfort and Old Denton is fantastic. We have been going for years is family run by a very nice family and everything is always so fresh . It is also very clean.

                                          1. re: Analisas mom

                                            I wouldn't suggest the Pho Bistro in Lewisville (Garden Ridge @ Valley Pkwy) have gone several times, they have the open neon sign lit, lights on and doors locked. They close many times before the hours posted on their door. We have given up on eating there after our first visit was take out but have been unable to sit and actually eat there since it seems to close before the hours posted. Does anyone else have the same problem? Does anyone know they real hours? I wish we had some place in Lewisville beside Pho Que Huong (Vietnamese fast food, and not good at that). My wife and I just suck it up and go to Pho 2006 for their half price Pho.

                                            1. re: soulslinger

                                              Pho Que Huong is as mediocre as it gets. Not gross, not dirty, just mediocre.

                                          2. re: al427

                                            I LOVE pho at Pho Bang. They've come from a very humble beginning to where the place was not clean at all, service was mediocre. But now they have remodeled it just a bit and service was a lot better (not better on the level of standard expectations... but better on the level of expectations for Vietnamese restaurants). The place gets really packed on Sunday after church time. Asians don't have much patients and generally don't wait 20 minutes for a table like Americans do at american restaurants. However, here people wait because it really is that good.
                                            Nevertheless, the food was always delicious! I've had Pho all my life and I don't go anywhere else but Pho Bang for Pho, because everytime I try it anywhere else, I am always disappointed and find myself comparing it to the one at Pho Bang: "They don't have this.. they don't have that. They didn't make it right. It's too fatty... etc." So I've been very loyal to Pho Bang for Pho and also their rice dish (com suong nuong) for quite a bit of years now.

                                            Since I have been eating Pho only at Pho Bang for a long time now, can anyone, with experience of Pho Bang, suggest Pho that's better than Pho Bang? I would really like to try it. =)

                                          3. I stopped int King Noodle at Greenville and Polk across from 1st Chinese BBQ. I must say I was extremely pleased. I had a beef noodle soup with shrimp/pork dumplins that was outstanding for $6.00. I think it must be Tiawanese, but not sure. You should give it a try. One of the better bowls of noodle soup I've had in this town.

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                                              I love the Flat Noodle Seafood Soup at King! Yum. I also really enjoyed the Simmered Tendon. Very flavorful.

                                            2. Many people have already said it, but I will reiterate that the beef noodle soup at King's Noodles on Greenville and Polk is delicious. The noodles taste very fresh and there are big chunks of beef and veggies. I recently came back from Taiwan and this place was really authentic.

                                              1. Pho 95 by the asian grocery off of Skillman.

                                                1. Pho Mac at Parker and Independance in Plano is my favorite. Very good food, plus the owners are very nice and friendly.

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                                                    Pho Mac is not the best Pho in DFW but it is the best in Plano for sure. The best thing about Pho Mac is their customer friendly service. Many Pho shops just don't care about things like filling your water or for that matter smiling. These guys have good food and know how to take care of their customers, they have my vote!

                                                    1. re: irodguy

                                                      i am also a fan of pho mac.. i wish more people would go there and give them more business so they can expand to west plano. their vermincelli bun dishes are the best so far, and i have had bun in west and each coasts. i have had pho at pho bang, pho 95, pho bistro, bistro b, and so far have gone back to pho mac. irodguy, pls advise of other 'better' phos

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                                                        you guys have to try the beef noodle soup at Little Hunan in Plano; Its Fantastic ask them to throw the mighty trifecta Cilantro ,Diced Onins And JalapeƱos, they normally serve it without all this, the egg noodles are thick the broth is incredible and with some big chunks of meat, great for hangovers

                                                  2. sushi ichiban & kazy's (both near greenville & lovers) have pretty legit hot soba soup. not fresh made, but made from frozen, which some people think is better than the dry noodles they use at some fancier places arond town.

                                                    i still can't get it to come out right at home. :( but i put the sauce base in ramen noodles!

                                                    1. A lament:

                                                      Japanese Ramen is one of the great disappointments in DFW. You simply can't find a good authentic rendition. In the 15 years since my last visit to Japan I've had ramen on the same level just once (Ippudo in NYC).

                                                      You might as well go buy the pre-packaged ramen in the refrigerated section of an Asian market since that's what many of the Japanese ramen served in local restaurants actually are (literally). The places that don't use pre-packaged generally have a very strong Chinese bent to their flavor and noodles.

                                                      This applies to udon, soba, somen as well. Although Tei-An makes a good fresh soba you can generally bet it's pre-packaged noodles and dashi from a bottle.

                                                      So to end on a positive note: visit Tei-An for some interesting variations on soba (although what I'd really recommend are the unique Japanese dishes/specials).