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Sep 4, 2007 09:30 AM

Where can I find the best Asian noodle soups in Dallas?

I enjoy Vietnam, but mainly because it is close to my house and office. Every once in a while I make it out to Pho Huy in Richardson. Sometimes I go to Bangkok City for their Hot and Sour Seafood Stew, which is so mediocre I walk out every time muttering "never again."

Where are the best Udon Noodle soups?

Best Chinese soups?

Best Thai soups?

Best Korean noodle soups?

I am partial to seafood soups . . .


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  1. Royal Thai on Greenville has an amazing seafood soup.

    One of the best hot and sour soups I ever had was at Steel. (This was a while ago, so not sure if it's still as good.)

    The seafood soup at Gloria's can be really good.

    1. For Korean, I don't remember the name but there is a place just East of KoMart on Royal. They basically only do soups very good. They also do a rather interesting "tea" which is really a beef broth. Very good on a cold day.

      1. Pho Bac at Beltline and Plano Rd. My business partner is Vietnamese and that's where we go.

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          My dad's favorite place in town for pho is Pho Bac.

          Thai Soon in Richardson does an excellent tom ka gai. But rather than being made with coconut milk, it's a broth-based soup. The flavor is amazing, with a much lighter feel. It had generous chunks of chicken and vegetables; the tomato was amazingly firm and perfect.

          I still haven't found a place that satisfies my ramen cravings.

        2. I have to say hands down MyTho in Garland off Plano and Walnut. The broth is clear and fresh and you're not overladen with MSG. They have excellent vermicelli and soups.

          1. Chau Kee Noodle, 3575 W. Walnut in Garland is part of the S.F. bay area Tung Kee Noodle house empire. Same menu and format as the bay area restaurants in a smaller setting.