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Sep 4, 2007 09:10 AM

Speaking of Maggianos...

I am going there tonight because a friend chose it for a big group. I am allergic to dairy products. Is there anything on their menu that I'll be able to eat that is decent? I can't have cheese, cream, milk or even butter. Thanks in advance!

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  1. why don't you look at their menu on their website?

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    1. re: DaisyM

      Because they often sneak ingredients in that aren't mentioned on the menu. I was also hoping for a perspective of what is tasty which you also can't judge from reading a menu.

      1. re: lisaf

        If they've been snuck in, then we won't know they are there either. I'd strongly suggest letting the restaurant know about any dietary allergies. No doubt they will be able to accommodate you - dairy is not an uncommon allergy and they have no interest in losing your group's business or injuring you.

        1. re: leek

          Yeah, I've been with a friend who had allergies, and they were extremely accomodating for her. They didn't charge her for the big million-course meal that we all got (even though the whole table is supposed to order that), just for what she was able to order.

    2. I love their Maggiano salad and their spaghetti with meat sauce. I'd double check with their website or waitstaff to make sure it's all dairy free.

      1. Definitely doublecheck about what has dairy and what doesn't, but offhand I'd say their calamari is delicious, as are their salads (order without cheese!)

        1. Talk directly with the manager. My son has a shellfish allergy. The manager had the chef come out, talk about options and they were very accommodating. The chef then came out after the meal was served to make sure everything was ok. They took it very seriously.

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            The "chef" did come and speak with me, but I was a bit concerned as he kept telling me he could make me gluten free pasta. I was like dude, I don't have a gluten allergy, just dairy. Oh, and they brought my side salad with the cheese on top and I had to send it back. I was a bit afraid to eat my pasta with shrimp and tomato sauce.

            I wasn't that impressed with the whole bit. The thing they really didn't seem to understand is that butter is dairy and my request for none of that in the sauce seemed to puzzle them. That and the salad ordered with no cheese showed up with it. My friend's friend who made the reservation apologized and said if she had thought about it she never would have picked it if she had thought about my restrictions.