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Sep 4, 2007 09:05 AM

Anniversary dinner recommendation

Hi all,

I am looking for a resturant recommendation for my 5 year anniversary. WE don't want to break the bank a la Susur, but want to go somewhere with great food and a nice atmosphere. Last year we went to Lee which we loved, but it would be nice to try somewhere new this time. I am considering Matahari....comments? Other suggestions?

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  1. If you search this forum for the cuisine you are interested in (e.g. "best Indian") you will find much useful information. You can also simply skim back for the past few weeks and are sure to find some threads that will be helpful.

    Happy anniversary!

    1. The food at Matahari is very good and the ambience is nice, but I find that at times it can be quite noisy, which might detract from having an intimate evening. I would probably save it for another night (definitely do check it out, though!) and go somewhere a little more special for such an occasion. How about Batifole?

      1. For me, I like a bustling atmosphere along with good food. So, I would choose a place like Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar for a special, yet not-too-expensive meal.

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          My wife and I celebrated our last anniversary at JKWB! I agree that it's a great place to do so because you can share small plates and try several different wine pours, which is very romantic, all the while having a great conversation and enjoying the buzz.