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Sep 4, 2007 09:04 AM

Le Bernardin: Lunch vs. Dinner

Is dinner at Le Bernardin far better than lunch? Enough was right at a recent lunch to make me wish to return, but before dropping 180 a head for the Chef's dinner menu, I want to make sure it's worth my while. I'm really most curious about the differences in the food at the two meals. While wine and service were great at my lunch, the food left me less than satisfied with taste (more bland than light) and quantity (more skimpy than moderate).

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  1. My experiences with upscale restaurants where I've been for both lunch and dinner, has shown that the quality of the cuisine is exactly the same. For example, I've been to Eleven Madison Park for dinner, lunch and brunch, and in all cases, Chef Humm's cuisine has been sensational. Like you, my one meal at Le Bernardin -- in my case, it was dinner -- was a disappointment. So, if the food didn't wow you at lunch, why would you think that would be any different at dinner?

    1. We have done the full tasting menu for both lunch and dinner. They have been the same when we have done them there.