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Sep 4, 2007 08:55 AM

Le Pigeon

I'll be traveling to Portland later this month and I've read some exciting things about Le Pigeon. However, I remember hearing somewhere that some/most of their tables are communal and I am not a fan of this particular arrangement. Does anyone know if it is possible to reserve a private table for 2? Thanks.

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  1. I don't think that you can do that these days. I believe that it is either communal tables or sit at the counter that overlooks the kitchen.

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    1. re: JillO

      Follow up question: can one reserve the counter or is it for walk-ins?

      1. re: chickenlover

        I'm not positive (call them to check: but I don't think that they take reservations for parties of less than 4 at all.

        1. re: JillO

          They do take reservations for parties of 2 now.

    2. I believe there are a couple of small tables that can seat 2. But be sure to call several days in advance - that place is booking up like crazy.

      Let me second your decision to go to LePigeon. I've gotten to work with Gabe (the chef) several times and he's the man. Very talented and very cool. If I was you, I'd try to sit at the counter. Enjoy.

      1. I just made a reservation for two for a prime time Saturday couple weeks from now, no problem and the person who answered the phone was very nice.