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Sep 4, 2007 08:22 AM

Good Bread on Staten Island?

Hi...can anyone recommend a bakery or deli or point of purchase for good, French or Italian type bread in S.I., preferably the North Shore?

Best I've found was sold briefly by the restaurant Vida a few months ago, but they discontinued selling bread due to lack of consumer interest (damn, if I'd known I'd have bought TWO loaves every time!). It was as good as some of the best bread in fancy Manhattan stores. Next best, I've found, is the "brick oven" breads sold at Italian salumerias such as Montalbano's and Ariemma's.

Any recommendations?

If not, maybe Vida could be cajoled into selling bread again, but we'd need a concerted effort to buy it up...perhaps a lobbying effort by the knowledgeable folks on this board?

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    1. re: lilwalter

      I remember my Aunt used to go to a nice Italian bakery on Clarke Ave, near In the shopping center that has a Pathmark. I think it was a few blocks away from Amboy near Guyon Ave. I just don't know if it's still there.

      1. re: MrsT

        I believe you may be thinking about Novelli's. It's a popular Italian Deli. They have all sorts of bread but I think they now have their bread delivered, but I'm not sure who supplies them. It's in what used to be the Pathmark Shopping Center on the corner of Guyon Ave and Amboy Rd. Pathmark has since opened a bigger store farther down Amboy Rd and the 'Old 'Pathmark became a Foodtown a few years back and is now a Brand New Russian Supermarket called Cost Net. I'm not even sure if they have opened yet....
        To the OP: A lot of people love the hot bread from Caggiano's on Hylan Blvd. On weekends, there are people waiting for the bread to cool off enough to be bagged.... Hard to get home without eating half a loaf in the car.:-}

    2. Moretti's Bakery at 640 Forest Ave used to have some pretty serious Italian bread. Haven't been there in a while though.

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      1. re: desantmj

        Yea I miss them they had amazing bread unfortunately the owners hired someone to manage the place while they were away and he ran it in the ground. Owners fault for not recognizing the persons bad intentions and not kicking him out beforehand. But i guess that could happen to anyone when you trust too much.

      2. I second Royal crown.... All there breads are excellent. It's Brooklyn Bread

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        1. re: sunset618

          I have to admit, as much as I love going to Royal Crown for their yummy dessserts, and delicious sandwiches, I've never just tried their bread by itself. I think I will now... Thanks for the post!

          1. re: Tay

            Thank you for all your hints, and keep them coming. Now that you mention Royal Crown, I remember I've been there for espresso and noticed the bread looked pretty good. I will have to give them a try. I will also look into Cangiano's and the other places. Appreciate all the replies thus far.

            1. re: comestible

              Looking at this old thread I'm surprised no one mentioned the obvious: Alfonsos. Also, the round, crusty peasant loaves at Montalbano impressed a friend of ours from Rome very much.

                1. re: Flaco

                  Those are also available (I think they're a "brick oven" variant) at the Pastosa locations and Ariemma's in Old Town (I think). The brick oven breads are my usual go-to bread because I'm close to Montalbano's. They come from Vola Bakery in Brooklyn, according to their paper bags.

                  I've tried the similar loaves from Royal Crown, and they are just as good. Long ones, not round...a bit pricier, though.

          2. In S Island go to artisan bakers on sharrottts road. Best Bread and sandwiches on the island.

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            1. re: casslen

              This is the wholesale baker for Royal Crown Bakery. The Brooklyn Bread is baked on Staten Island according to this article:


            2. Some of the best bread and pastries can be found at Alfonso's on Victory Blvd (I believe there are more than one). Their cheescake is to die for and everything is delicious. I drive from out near Tottenville for this bakery - a trip worthwhile. A good place to eat is always worth the miles and this one is it.