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Sep 4, 2007 08:18 AM

Need Recs for Drive thru PA

While en route from North Carolina to a much-anticipated vacation in Maine later this month, we’ll be driving through your part of the country and in need of some good road food. Type of food doesn’t matter, although regional specialties are always appreciated, and there won’t be any kids with which to contend. Due to the length of the drive (nearly 20 hours, which we plan to do in 1 day), we don’t want to deviate much from our route, so staying within a few miles of the highways listed below is preferable. Can anyone provide some recommendations along our route? Thanks in advance, and I promise to post back with our experiences.

In Pennsylvania – pick up I-81 @ the Maryland border to I-78 (just past Harrisburg) then on to New Jersey

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  1. Here's something to consider. At the Shartlesville exit on I-78 is Haag's Hotel serving family-style PA Dutch meals. My wife and I stopped there last summer and enjoyed it -- I would rate the food as pretty good. The Shartlesville Hotel was closed at the time but we had the impression they were planning to reopen. Two hotels in one small town both serving PA Dutch family style meals. I suggest Haag's because it is open pretty much straight through the day so it will not depend on time of day or day of week. There are some good restaurants around Harrisburg, but I have never felt Harrisburg to be easy for getting off and back on the interstate.

    1. On a nice day, an easy stop is the Glass Lounge, just north (about 2 miles) of the Front Street Harrisburg exit from I-81. It's kind of a redneck steakhouse, but the burgers are good and cheap, and it has a nice shaded deck.

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        thanks to all who responded, and especially to you, profjmm, as your suggestion is the one we took. we both had burgers (cheeseburger for her, bacon-cheeseburger for me), and they were very good. in fact, the best burger i've had in quite awhile. the deck was nice as well, although a little noisy due to its unbuffered proximity to the road, but there is a nice gap in the trees that allows you to see the river, so, all-in-all, a fair trade off. the fries were just so-so; were we to stop again, we'd split an order, and ask for them crispy.

        again, thanks for the rec.

      2. I can never pass through Allentown without stopping for Yacco's hot dogs and pierogies.