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Sep 4, 2007 08:15 AM

Help! Dinner for 12-20 Wed 9 pm

Any suggestions for a dinner for 12-20 people in either a restaurant or bar (moderate prices--mains $12-$25) on Wednesday night (around 9 pm) south of Bloor and between Roncesvalles & Yonge? The only suggestion so far is Duff's Wings and I'm not so keen on that.

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  1. I'm going to suggest one of my favourites: Hair of the Dog. I do enjoy the food there, and it would fit the bill for budget very well. It's at Church & Carlton, so it's a block outside your boundary, but very accessible by TTC, and there's a parking lot across the street.

    Also, there was a recent thread on Butler's Pantry on Markham St. I'm pasting the link below:

    Hair Of The Dog
    425 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y2C3, CA

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    1. re: xtal

      What's the age range of the people in your party? The reason that I ask is that I had a very embarrassing situation happen at Hair of the Dog. This was my suggestion; the food is excellent but the noise volume of the speakers became a bone of contention between some of the diners at my table and the bar staff. I felt awful--one because they were making such a fuss about the sound level going up and two because the staff did accommodate but others would come by and turn up the volume on them when they walked away.

      1. re: Zengarden

        Perhaps I'm not reading the message correctly, but you're saying that the staff didn't like the fact that your group was loud? If so, that's really too bad.

        Hair of the Dog has never struck me as a quiet place, but I guess I'm usually there on popular evenings or weekends.

        1. re: xtal

          They were getting frustrated with the indignance shown by the sound sensitive. We were not loud. The ladies hated the audio levels of the sound system. I like the food and the service there. Hate to have people unhappy AND causing a scene.

          1. re: Zengarden

            We should point out to some people that Hair of the Dog is located at the edge of the gay village...I would hope that most are okay with this...but as it is...some people (Bush conservative republicans and certain Idaho senators) may not feel comfortable in the place. The chicken sandwich with brie is excellent however!

            1. re: robgm

              This is a mixed crowd. But yes, it is worth mentioning if people comfort levels are going to be tested because of the locale.

            2. re: Zengarden

              Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad you brought the point up, as people looking for a quiet experience won't find it there.

      2. Pizza Roma & Restaurant on Bloor near Dufferin station is good and affordable. Excellent thin-crust pizza. Pastas and salads on the menu as well.

        Ristorante Roma
        1090 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H1M6, CA

        1. Oh, so many!
          College St is a good bet - Kalendar, Utopia, etc.
          Insomnia on Bloor east of Bathurst
          (here I go again) Butler's Pantry on Markham south of Bloor
          Victory Cafe on Markham south of Bloor
          All are within your price range if not cheaper, all have great atmosphere, good food, good drinks.