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Giada Should Apologize

I think Giada owes a huge apology to the contestants she judged on TNFNS. It was covered in a number of threads about how rude, condescending and yes even bitchy. She was talking down to these people who had little or no on air experiences as if she was the all no knowing high priestess of things. She seemed to have little patience or sympathy form the contestants. I should point out that I wasn’t a big fan of this group either and I thought she was down right nasty to them.

Then a while back (after TNFNS) much to my surprise there was Giada sitting in as co-host on the third hour of Today. None of the contestants were as bad as she was. For a woman with broadcast experience there was no excuse for how amateurish she was. If anything it makes her performance all that much more pathetic. Talking to the wrong camera. When not starring blankly and occasionally blinking she would read (badly) from her script like a shy middle-schooler doing a presentation in front of the class; starring down the whole time. She could never get her timing right resulting in dead air or her talking over people. It was stunning to see someone who has had a great deal of media exposure and experience be so bad. Especially considering the arrogance and disdain she seem to show the contestants.

Admittedly, probably with the benefit of coaching, practice and experience, she has gotten better. But she is still by no means great passable at best. This has given her the opportunity to be a regular co-host on the new forth hour of Today. It just seems like she was full of hot air and could not come close to the standards she set for others.

I think she should call them up and apologize for her bad attitude and not being able to live up to her own hype.


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  1. I didn't watch TNFNS (I thought it was a little lame and I personally prefer Top Chef) but I have caught Giada on the Today Show...and she is pretty painfully bad. She does well on the cooking segments they use to bring her in for occasionally but she is not in any way ready or made for the rest of the normal show. She is just bad, bad, bad and she has been on as a co-host a few times now doing non-food related stories.

    I think there is a big difference on what she does on the Food Network and what she does during live tv. She is not made for live tv...she clearly needs a few takes.

    1. jfood watched GL on the Today Show and it was painful and jfood really likes her cooking show on FN. Won't get into too much detail of the vibes from Today but not good.

      Then Mrs Jfood watched her cooking show one day and had a great observation. First let's remember what family Giada comes from. Then let's take a look at the show, it is a perfect presentation of a script, carefully shot, perfectly cropped, expertly edited. mrs jfood commented that it was more a movie production than the old Galloping Gourmet. Compare that with Lidia's show, which looks like a handheld casio home movie camera, or Marios with three stiffs or Bobby's backyard in NJ.

      The Giada FN show is great, but once she gets off script, her nastiness can not be left on the cutting room floor.

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      1. re: jfood

        I saw her recently on FN on her travel show. She was in Paris, I think, with her husband, and I was surprised at how badly she treated him. She was dismissive, made comments to him that bordered on real sarcasm (unless that's her sense of humor that I don't get), and in general seemed to look upon him like he was an idiot. He didn't speak much on the show--proabably b/c she was the focus, not him--but who can blame him if that's how she treats him?

        Plus, she was recently on the cover of Town & Country. Obviously her press people are working overtime.

        1. re: gloriousfood

          I saw part of that same show. But when ever I saw it she was always eating something Italian. She went all the way to Paris to eat Italian food.

          1. re: Withnail42

            Are you sure she wasn't in Rome with her husband? I saw them eating gelato and riding around on a Vespa. I believe there were even some coins thrown in the fountain? I thought she was very sweet to her husband and kept calling him pet names. I've never seen her on Today but I like her Everyday Italian show. The only thing that bothers me about her is that she uses her maternal grandfather's last name. I'd love to see her birth certificate. What's up with that?

            1. re: southernitalian

              No it was Paris for sure. She proshuto(sp) snadwhiches in Les Jardins Luxmbourg and tomatoe mozzarella salad at l'Atellier.

              Intresting about the maternal last name thing condsidering that she has always made a big fuss about making it on her own without any family help.

              1. re: Withnail42

                I could swear she did an episode in Rome with Todd. Oh well.

                1. re: southernitalian

                  I saw the Rome episode too-very similar to the Paris show except she was a lot nicer to Todd in Rome -not so much in Paris. She is getting a lot of exposure way too fast. They are doing to her what they did to Racheal Ray. Soon people are going to be tired of her too, and I like her. Is it that hard to find new hosts for new shows? Apparently from TNFNS it is......

                  1. re: southernitalian

                    Sorry I'm late with this, but she did one in Paris and Rome. And I had the same thought of why in the world she ordered Italian in Paris. Not even a little bit cute.
                    I find her recipes so simple, and so redundant. A wonton with chocolate? A cake made with polenta? Hey I've only seen it about a hundred times.
                    I cringe anymore when she comes on.

                    No wait, the best flop was when she was Bobby Flay's sous chef on Iron Chef. He look embarrassed for her.

                    1. re: chef chicklet

                      I thought she did more actual cooking on that show than Rachael Ray, who spent most of the show stirring a custard and then inexplicably was declared the winner.

          2. re: jfood

            JFood and Mrs JFood are spot on.

            1. re: jfood

              FYI JFood, Bobby's backyard, if you are referring to the Boy Meet Grill set, is actually an outdoor stage at Silvercup Studios in Queens. You can see it from the 11th Street Approach to the 59th Street Bridge, heading into Manhattan.

              Just so you know.

            2. Anyone else see her on the special they filmed in Florida, or wherever it was, that included all of the star chefs doing their own little segments in front of the live audience? People went crazy for each celeb chef, including her. She couldn't even cook pasta, she said that when she films her show, all the prep work is done for her, so when's the last time she's boiled noodles? She even had someone from the audience try to help her and when that failed, she said, "You guys want me to try again or you want me to sign autographs?" -They wanted autographs.

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              1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

                The problem was with the wind on the beach and the stove. I wasn't her.

                1. re: dsquarefla

                  They were in a huge tent.... and everyone else used the stove.

                    1. re: dsquarefla

                      Sure, weather changes, but in the interview after all she said was she never has to make pasta herself, it's all done for her before the show.

              2. I didn't think she was any different than how anyone else treated the contestants. And she's certainly not any worse than how judges are on Top Chef or, even worse, Gordon Ramsay is. I think she's being called out for being a successful woman.

                I recall several of the judges of TNFNS saying there's no winner among them - that's just plain mean. Giada never came close to saying anything that mean.

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                1. re: pgokey

                  the comparison to gordon ramsay is apples to oranges.

                  he's not a judge on the same show, and the way he treats the contestants on HIS show is his 'thing' and everyone knows that. it is called 'hell's kitchen,' after all.

                  i've seen every episode of every season of tnfns, and she was probably more rude & conescnding to those contestants than any other judge has been. alton brown wasn't even nasty to rory when she sniped at him, and he would have been justified!

                2. I think she is being groomed to be the next Rachael Ray - ughhhhh....

                  1. I felt the same about her critiques of the contestants. I didn't like TNFNS, but I felt it was like a train wreck and I couldn't look away. Anyway, I thought it was weird for Giada to critique the contestants, as I distinctly remember when she started on FN, her show was AWFUL. She looked angry and mean and didn't interact with the camera at all. They kept telling the contestants that they needed to interact with the audience better. Those contestants are in a pressure cooker and Giada started with her own series to work through her mistakes. It wasn't fair, I didn't think.

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                    1. re: jewel4352

                      you are completely right: I watched her chefography and she admitted as such. Her own friend commented that she looked "angry" all the time, and GDL admitted that it took quite a bit of time for her to overcome her nervousness. Nothing wrong with this, but you would think that this would translate into a bit of empathy. This would earn her more favour with everyone, vs. overcompensating by striking a smarter-than-thou chef extraordinaire attitude.

                      1. re: alex8alot

                        or at the least relatability (word?) any who. Don't we all put ourselves in others shoes when we've walked in them before? I could not understand her behavior.
                        Not pretty.

                    2. This just seems like a trolling comment. All the FN shows sucked at first (and a lot still do) for various reasons and all the "stars" gave all kinds of advice like "be real", etc. They are all hypocritical to a degree. Giada was fine. They were there to be judged, after all. It's the FN trying to be suspenseful and edgy and they just happen to fail miserably at it.

                      1. I think all of the judges on any of the Food Network competition shows are unnecessarily dour and rude. At least on Top Chef the judges are effusive in both their positive and negative comments.

                        Of course, they never give the winner of TNFNS a proper show. It always looks thrown together, in a cheap kitchen, without a clear focus and without proper training and practice for the host. The new winner could have a good show - FN needs more straightforward cooking shows - but that cheap blue kitchen doesn't fit and the recipes in that first episode were silly. Watching her stir the pate a choux like a crazy person was embarrassing. And then having them do double duty as "rolls" by adding some cheese? And do we really need to know how to cook potatoes in oil?

                        I was reading somewhere that Food Network planned on adding a bunch of offshoot channels, like Food Network Italian, Food Network Reality, etc. I hope this happens and they play some of their old shows.

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                        1. re: theuninvitedguest

                          I would permanently tune my television to a "FN Classic" network!

                        2. Giada is the least talented & most annoying of anyone on FN.... and that is hard in a line up that includes Paula Dean, Sandra Lee, Ingrid Hoffman & the 30 Minute Dork.

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                          1. re: Eat_Nopal

                            I can't watch Giada without remembering an interview in which she admitted that she only takes the one bite of what she makes for the camera, and then gives everything to her crew. In other words, she's encouraged us to make it, no matter what's in it, but she doesn't eat it herself.

                            1. re: brendastarlet

                              Do you really think she's the only TV cook who does that? Think of the multiple takes, the time it takes to consume a whole meal, the time needed to shoot a show. Do you really want to sit and watch a cook eat for 5 minutes of a show? It's pretty common for camera crews to eat the food cooked on a cooking program. It has nothing to do with Giada not thinking what she makes is worthy of eating or not.

                              1. re: Avalondaughter

                                I don't know why I keep coming back to this thread because it is retarded, but I do.

                                THIS IS TV PEOPLE. They shoot like 5 shows in one day and the whole season in a couple weeks. Of course she doesn't eat the whole thing. Do you think Batali ate everything he cooked on his show or Alton ate everything on GE? This is cooking for the masses and its only going to get more generalized, beautiful (food porn and beautiful chefs), and dumbed down. It's pointless to argue about the merits of such programming. Either accept it for what it is or move on.

                                1. re: eternalX

                                  Eating or not eating what's being prepared on a show, the level of cooking sophistication on a show and the host's ability to clearly and smoothly articulate what he or she is doing are all different issues. The OP's observations were focused on the third of these areas. Whether or not Giada eats everything cooked and whether or not her show is part of the dumbed down era of cooking TV has nothing to do with the fact that she really can't do live TV that well, but apparently excoriated several contestants exhibiting a similar lack of skills.

                                  1. re: Shayna Madel

                                    Yes. Thanks for that. Well said.

                                    For the record I don't care what she eats or doesn't eat. That was never part of my post.

                                    BTW saw some foorage of her doing a live demo at a food show...she was bad as in very.


                                  2. re: eternalX

                                    Oh, I think Mario eats a fair amount of what he cooks. I don't fault her for not eating it and I have always defended her in the past, but I think she's becoming very Sandra-ish.I saw a rerun yesterday where she had a bunch of her friends over to exchange clothes and jewelry (???) and I felt like I was watching an episode of Semi-Homemade. Very store bought.

                            2. I will say Giada is my favorite FN cook. She had horrible on-air personality. Her head is huge. I'm sick of the low-cut blouses. (But I have to say I am the only person on earth who LOVES her Italian accent. I spent 5 years studying the language and it's refreshing to hear someone pronouncing the Italian language as it should be spoken with pure vowels and clean consonants.).

                              I watch her because I like her good and I like her recipes. They are the ones I make the most often and enjoy the most. Period. Everything else I could do away with.

                              I agree she was horrible on TNFNS. She was a total bitch. I haven't seen her on Today, but as I said, she is obviously not comfortable on camera. She should never have been given more shows other than Everyday Italian either.

                              But to be fair, Alton Brown was pretty horrible on TNFNS too. It ruined my image of him.

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                              1. re: Avalondaughter

                                Er, as a fellow Italian speaker, her enunciation might be clear but her pronunciation is off. She does not have a very good accent at all.

                                Furthermore, no matter how often she says so, her food isn't Italian.

                                1. re: famedalupo

                                  Here Here and who wants to eat Italian every day anyway!!!! and like you Im also Italian!

                                  1. re: famedalupo

                                    She has always said that she has americanized her reicpes. She puts an italian twist to a lot of her recipes. I don't feel that she has ever tried to be something she isn't.

                                    Also, complaining abou the size of her head, I feel is stretching it a bit.

                                    As far asTNFNS, I think that the judges are on the show to judge the contestants - just like AI. Why would they come across well when they are criticizing the performance of someone else? I remember when Giada criticized that one girl last season for her shoes because she had high heels on. I thought she was kind of mean, but really in a kitchen one shouldn't wear high heels. Why should these contestants be babied - they are there to win a contest - in a sense the show is their training ground.

                                    For my last point, why is no one saying anything about BF only grudginly liking what Adam cooks - like he if forced to say he likes something. Nobody has seen a problem with that - I wonder why?

                                    1. re: kprange

                                      BF should be ashamed of himself taking this ridiculous hosting job , just as it was humlitating watching him and that awful throwdown series. He doesnt belong in these challenges, leave those to Guy and the rest of "foodie fake chef's.

                                      Now back to Giada, "Americanized" that pretty funny well apparantly they ran out of was to americanized italian food since they thankfully stopped making her show, but alas she will be floucing around something new called Giada at home, I wonder if it will be her real home or some rent-a-home like she did for EI?

                                      I saw some promo photo of her in a wetsuit, OY!!! I just wonder what exactly she will be cooking while at home, but I dont think I will be watching

                                      1. re: brycat

                                        All I know is that I really like her food and her show. She really seems to know her way around the kitchen and she prepares food that is simple, yet very tasty.

                                        Bobby's Throwdown is a really neat show to me. It gives people a chance to cook with a chef and possibly beat him. Waht is so horrendous about that? I think he looks really human and not like a stuffy conceited chef type - like so many whom I have worked with.

                                        Guy isn't really a "fake" He owns a restaurant and knows how to cook. To me a fake is someone who tries to be something he or she isn't. Guy doesn't do that. He has never tried to pass himself off as a chef - just as someone who knows something about food. If you don't like him, fine - just don't call him something he isn't.

                                        I for one am looking forward to Giada's new show. I can't wait to see what new recipes she comes up with. I am sure they will be very good as well.

                                        1. re: kprange

                                          Well these people seem to spend more time out and about running around stuffing their faces with other people food or participating in ridiculous challenges, having to cook with some local nit wit in his or her home town. FN seems to keep trying to veer away from the actual act and art of cooking,

                                          As a professional chef I think someone like Ina Garten has more skill and style then Giada Thankfully Ina has the clout and style and good sense not to whore herself out as some of the others do....and I am not the only one in my line of work who believes so.

                                          Mario, and Emril and Bobby Flay (when he is allowed to actually cook), throw Cat Cora and Ellie Krieger This new gal Sunny Anderson and last but not least Nigella are some of the better culinary talent.. Yet sadly FN keeps shoving Paula Dean and Giada ,Guy and Paula sons and some of these others who mainly show up on the weekends down our throats, most of the time they repeat what the other one does.

                                          When I tune into food network I want to see people cooking not a bunch of posers on food runs . I dont expect FN to change this they prefer to appeal to the middle of the road. Perfect example is the TNFNS and how its painfully obvious that Lisa Garza should be the winner, They will have some work to do with her before she gets in front of the camera, but this woman knows what she is doing her skills and style in the kitchen is far far above the rest.

                                          I know some people feel she might be way above the ordinary FN viewer who knows little or nothing about haute cuisine. Well good, I would prefer to watch someone who is like that then another Sandra Lee or some of the others. But thats not going to happen,FN doesnt have the balls to give something utterly unique and interesting a try.

                                          1. re: brycat

                                            You're not saying anything about TFN that hasn't been said for the past few years by many CH'ers.

                                            1. re: LindaWhit

                                              Yes and being a professional chef I can add my voice to the rest of their's not that it matters and now the lastest bit of FN screw up's it seems they posted who wont TNFNS and the exit video's last night by accident, ( they have since been removed) but that cat is out of the bag, I wont say who won, but its just another example of more mess.

                                          2. re: kprange

                                            I like Bobby's "Throwdown" too; but I can't help but wonder if the chefs he challenges are disappointed when they realize they are not being featured on FN in the way the ruse leaves them to believe.

                                    2. re: Avalondaughter

                                      I agree, my image of him totally changed when I saw how mean and rude he was to those people. And I agree with all your Giada points and I have found that when I make her food, it is good and not too difficult. Maybe she doesn't have the accent because she lives/lived in the US most of her life.

                                      1. re: Avalondaughter

                                        Yes he was being a brat. But he can pull if off better. Men can look at Ramsey,even Ted is looking bratty, all the famous Chefs.. women look like you... we look like "you know whats."
                                        What is the hosts name? Suzie? She is far more dignified just the way she looks at the contestant. Her critiquing seemed to be more right on and no surprise. She seems to know how to control her expressions when camera is off or on.
                                        Giada was surprisingly rude and tried to act as if she is great foodie. Which sorry, she's just is not.

                                      2. I haven't seen Giada on TNFNS, but I have seen her a number of times on other shows where she's far less annoying to me than Rachel Ray. That's personal opinion. I caught her a number of times on the Today show and thought she was terrible, clutching at her notes and glancing down all the time. I figured she needed more practice and might improve (but hey, Tiki Barber is a jock who basically only did some football commentary here and there before retiring and becoming a regular on the Today show and he's not half-bad), but it seems that she is all but gone from the Today show, unless I am imagining things.

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                                        1. re: Shayna Madel

                                          I think she is gone for good. I'm thinking she didn't work because of her flubs or maybe it was too hard working on both coasts. Now Tiki is alone for the final estrogen hour of the Today show.

                                          1. re: monavano

                                            The schedule on her website has her penciled in for the 4th hour of the Today show for the first week in November and the first week in December. Just before that she will be signing her book at a Williams-Sonoma at a Long Island mall. The sign at the mall says you have to sign up in advance, the signing is limited to 500 people, that she will only sign her book and will only personalize it if you bought the book at the store and can produce a receipt to prove it (thereby insuring that you paid full price for the book...). Let's see if she appears as scheduled for the Today show in November...

                                              1. re: monavano

                                                Just make sure you pencil in all the info on your calendar!

                                              2. re: Shayna Madel

                                                I think that's a stupid policy. they are going to make you show them a receipt of some book you bought previously to have her say "Love, to Aunt Emma" or similar?

                                                I agree with the comments on the orignal post. I thought she was being totally condescending to these people, and it was not really fair. Basically, she's someone who has a famous MATERNAL grandfather whose name she uses (huh??), went to culinary school, plated desserts for awhile and BOOM! got a national television show.

                                                She got where she was through connections, not through talent or hard knocks. She should be more respectful to the people who are doing the hard way, not be pretentious or bitchy. At one point in that show, she said something like "You look as if you're totally lost, you have no idea there are cameras present. No one can teach you to be aware." Her point was that the person was utterly unqualified, nor could that person be TAUGHT to be qualified.

                                                Boom. A few months later, she looked EXACTLY that way on the Today show.

                                          2. Giada is back on the Today Show today, with big news. She is pregnant with a girl, due in April. Needless to say, it was a Giada love-fest among Hoda Kotb, Natalie Morales and Giada. In less than an hour, they did a story on her finding out she was pregnant, complete with sonogram photos and another one on how to tell your boss you're expecting. And we got to find out she's practically over morning sickness.

                                            Since she was basically just sitting around being fussed over, she handled things okay, but the jury's still out as to how she'll handle interacting with guests and I would not be surprised if most of her segments for the next few months were baby-related rather than food related...

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                                            1. re: Shayna Madel

                                              Unlike most of these 'stars' Giada actually was classically trained at Cordon Bleu Paris. She worked at Spago, and as a stylist at Food and Wine. She has more talent than most on the dead or dying Food Network. She also has this sparky sexuality, and is a delight to watch.

                                              1. re: DallasDude

                                                For someone who was "classically trained", her knife skills leave much to be desired.

                                                But I like to make fun of her for those reasons and many many more.

                                                "Just like that!" Anyone?