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Sep 4, 2007 08:13 AM

Hors D'oeuvres for a Pink Party

I am attending a Pink Cocktail Party this weekend and have been charged with bringing an hors d'oeuvres. I am not certain what cocktails will be served, but given that they will all be pink, I am guessing they will be tooth-achingly sweet: cosmos, watermelon martinis, strawberry margaritas, pink slippers, etc.

With so much sugar going around, I don't want to bring a dip that will fall flat on a palate overworked by alcopops. I'd also prefer something that won't upset stomachs sensitive to sweet drinks. Unfortunately, the hostess is also a very picky eater so there can be no meat, bell peppers, eggs or mushrooms inter alia. Other guests are playing it safe with cheese and crackers, salmon dip, lox on cucumber rounds and a cream cheese crostini. Any suggestions on what I should make? No-cook options are preferable as I have to bring the appetizer to work before the party.

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  1. thin slices of ginger root, cucumber and steamed asparagus tied around a fresh precooked medium shrimp that has been lightly marinated in soy dressing. Packed in a small cooler with a bottle of frozen water should keep them fresh thru work.

    1. If you hard cooked some eggs this evening and put them in a pickle brine with beet juice they will be a beautiful pink by the weekend. Make them in to deviled eggs. Of course the longer you can leave them in the brine the pinker they will get. This is assuming you can refrigerate them at work.

      1. Proscuitto is kind of pink...maybe you could wrap it around cheese or some garlic breadsticks?

        1. Watermelon radish salad with watercress and pink peppercorns.

          1. We had a Pink Party in was a fun theme. Everyone wore something pink and the food and beverages were pink too. I did salmon for the main event and served shrimp cocktail for a starter. You could do a fruit salad using “pink” fruits…watermelon, raspberries. One of the items I was going to do but did not was a dip that I was going to use natural food coloring to tint pink (I believe it is made with beetroot). You could do something like that. Have fun.