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Sep 4, 2007 06:54 AM

Baltimore - funky and reasonable

I spend most weekends in Baltimore, and I'm looking to expand our list of places to eat.

My boyfriend LOVES breakfast and meat...I am looking for healthier options when in the mood to not undo my work from the gym.

We have spent time at the Paper Moon (y'all knock it, but we've never had a long wait and we've always been happy with what we've gotten)...this weekend we went to Golden West (I was expecting better, but the cake was fabulous). He likes Rocket to Venus but I've not been with him.

Just looking to expand the list so anything you guys can mention will be considered :)

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  1. I'm a fan of Rocket to Venus and Paper Moon as well. Have you been to Miss Shirley's for breakfast/brunch? It's delish ( Located on Coldspring Lane between Roland and Charles. Excellent breakfast and lunch options and I always manage to find something healthy (I too love to eat but hate to ruin my work at the gym!). I wouldn't describe it as funky but the atmosphere is fine. Another tasty and funky place is Jack's Bistro in Canton on Elliot Street. I had dinner there on Friday and it was fabulous. It's noisy and crowded, FYI. They have some very tasty, very unhealthy comfort food but also have a couple of not-too-bad-for-you options :-). Nice neighborhood feel.

    1. Have you tried Blue Moon or Jimmies? Two of my favorites breakfast places, both in Fells Point. Blue Moon has delicious cinnamon rolls and country gravy (not so healthy, but I'm sure that they have other options that are!). Jimmies has great pancakes and is cheap.

      Another diner type is Rallo's on Fort Ave, past Federal Hill. Good breakfast.

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        yes - we like Blue Moon, but this weekend we were quoted an hour wait, so we went to Jimmies. Blue Moon's bacon apple pancakes are incredible, but i think we've decided to try to get there earlier or later (like, midnight;) )

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          What about Petes on York and 28th, they're only open from 6 am to 2 pm. I used to love going there when i lived in bmore, but I have to admit its been 2 years since my last time. But they have great breakfast