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Sep 4, 2007 06:46 AM

Italian birthday dinner for a large group

This is my first time posting. I know that the "group dining" question has been asked a thousand times but I figure since I have my own specifics I might as well post again. My husband's birthday is at the end of the month. There are going to be about 20+ people. I know he wants Italian, but he wants really good Italian. We got back from our honeymoon in Florence and Rome a few months ago, and we'd both really like to pretend we were back there eating during this meal. Location isn't terribly important, so probably anywhere in Manhattan is fine. It's probably best if the entrees were around or less than $25 each so we can all splurge on apps and wine. It needs to have great food, and good wine, and it obviously has to be able to accommodate a large group of people with hopefully a nice atmosphere. Any suggestions? We went to a dinner part at Uva last year and we really enjoyed the private dining we experienced in the cellar, but I'd like to avoid repeating restaurants. This board is great, and I look forward to your ideas!

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        I'm going to call over there today! Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. I'd go with carmine's in the theatre district..
      It's family style and the food is actually good...

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        Carmine's is italian-american. They want a meal that reminds them of their travels.

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          "They want a meal that reminds them of their travels." - that's exactly what we want. =)

      2. Villa Mosconi on McDougall has a back room that probably holds that many persons. Maybe they rent it out, you could call and ask them. I loved their food and the waiters are really nice.
        There is Campanile on 29th between Madison and park avenue south. They have a back room but I don't know if it fits 25 people. The food is excellent there and the owner always makes you feel welcome.

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          I'm checking both of those out. Thank you!

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