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Sep 4, 2007 06:18 AM

Vegas Steak

15 guys going in Oct for annual ritual. We always ate at Circus Circus Steakhouse - looking for someting mid strip - better atmospehre - around $75 a head

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  1. Craftsteak at the MGM. It's not midstrip, but very good. I've never been to the Steakhouse at Harrah's (The Range?) but I have friends who absolutely rave about it!

    1. BOA at the Forum Shops was very good and has a nice outside patio that should accomodate your party well, if you can reserve it. I like the atmosphere, it's pretty clubby and fun and the food was excellent when we were there. I think it is a few dollars cheaper than Prime, Charlie Palmer, Craftsteak, etc.

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        Capital Grill is good, as is Joe's at Caesar's. I hope you are willing to pay more than $75/head mid-strip, especially if you will be having wine/cocktails!

      2. Prime at Bellagio definitely has the atmosphere, and the steak is as good as it gets!

        Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay would also be a great choice, more 'modern' atmosphere, great selection of sides.

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          We have actually had several different delicious steaks at Mesa Grill. I've had the filet there on two different occassions, and I would say that both times it was the best filet I've ever had (better than my last red meat at Prime).

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            Embers at the imperial Palace-Decent for the price.Ask for Ron K. at the front entrance-he will take care of you