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Sep 4, 2007 12:38 AM

Urasawa & Ginza Sushi Ko

I had been fortunate to visit Ginza Sushi Ko a couple of times before Masa Takayama left for NYC. In addition, I had been apprehensive of Urasawa because it was not GSK. However, after seeing a photo review of a recent dinner at Urasawa, I find myself excited at the prospect of dining there.

Could those of you who have been to both please compare and contrast them for me, please?

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  1. There is No Comparison between GSK and Urasawa.
    GSK was cutting edge Sushi (Gold Leaf over Toro w/Caviar), Fugu Sashimi, Sperm Sack Risotto, etc.
    Urasawa is more focused on the overall Japanese Food Experience. Besides several courses of Sushi there is Shabu Shabu, Fantastic Homemade Tofu, etc.
    As you probably have seen from the Reviews its 30+ courses. Chef Hiro is fantastic. Overall a bargain for $275-ea.

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      Thank you for your response. Urasawa seems quite the dining experience. I'm looking forward to going. Perhaps, I will wait until the winter/fugu season--probably November.

      1. re: Ruffio

        There have been reports of Hiro's fugu shipments being seized by customs in the past and he was fined quite heavily (at least twice). If you're expecting fugu you should call ahead to check.

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          Unfortunately, Hiro has no plans to obtain Fugu in the future because of past seizures. No big deal anyway with it being "farm raised" and the toxins being removed takes all the fun out of the experience. Have a nice time, we are going in a couple of months also.

          1. re: russkar

            Well, it looks like that's off the menu for me then. Russkar, I might see you there in a couple of months!