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Sep 3, 2007 09:48 PM

Zuni Cafe for Brunch

Just returned from a fabulous trip to San francisco. Zuni Cafe was a suggestion I had heard more than once from lots of people. Must say, I wasn't all that impressed. The caesar salad was very tasty, the little gem salad with beets, was alright, the heirloom tomato soup was too tangy and the blackberry french toast was good. Service was ok. It took a while to get the soup and french toast after we finished the salads. Nice decor, cool open kitchen..but either than that...probably wouldn't go back....

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  1. I would suggest going back at least one more time to try their roast chicken. It takes a bit longer, because they roast the chicken to order, but it's one of their signature dishes and therefore worthy of a try.

    1. My husband and I just tried Zuni this past weekend for the first time, and we were not impressed either. We also went for brunch. While the food was good, it wasn't spectacular, or anything worth deliberately making a reservation for. I had the caesar since it is well revered - the dressing had a nice flavor, although a few too many chopped anchovies for my liking, but the salad was swimming in it. The lettuce itself wasn't crisp at all, most likely due to the heaviness of the dressing. I then had a pizza - mushroom, pinenuts and parmesan. It was very good - very light and enjoyable flavors. My husband had the burger, which was cooked to his liking (med rare). He also ordered the shoestring fries, which were more like matchstick fries (very similar to French's Potato Sticks). I expected them to be a bit more substantial in the potato department. They did have a nice taste though.

      What also made for an unpleasant visit is that we were seated in the back, next to the brick oven, and it was fairly warm that day. Sweating through one's meal is not fun. I also found the decor a bit run down. Not sure when the last time (if ever) they updated or painted, but it could use it.

      If Zuni were in my neigborhood, I would consider stopping in again, but since that is not the case, I can't imagine returning on my own dime.

      1. Huh. I had dinner there ten days ago and it was very good. I had the quail and my dining partner had the halibut. Personally I never order heirlom tomato/beet salads during this season because the preparation is so simple in restaurants and the veggies themselves are so cheap. Also never miss a chance to have one of their martinis - one of the best in town. I second the chicken idea.

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          SF native, been to Zuni many times, always at the behest of friends, never once been wowed. I don't know if its just hard for the experience to live up to the decades of hype, or if I'm just not easily impressed. I think I'd go there often enough if I lived in the area but I don't and frankly there are loads of places I prefer near by.