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Sep 3, 2007 07:47 PM

Fish and Butcher Shops

I'm new to Ft Lauderdale, and can't seem to find a good fish shop or butcher! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, what about Farmers Market's with locally grown, organic products?

Thank you!

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  1. are you willing to come out to Miami? might have a few suggestions....

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    1. re: dbellas

      Josh's Organic Market on the Broadwalk in Hollywood Sunday from 9-5:30.

    2. There really arent any farmers markets in Fort Lauderdale, at least that i know of but there are still some good sources around town. For fish try the Fish Peddler on Commercial Blvd east of US1 on the norh side the staff is good and the everything is fresh. For meat there is Smitty's Butcher on Floranada (45th Street) right west of US1 good selection and saw dust on the floor. For veggies theres Gennaro's on 441 i think in North Lauderdale, decent choices. There is an organic farmers market on Hollywood Beach but only on Sunday, there are also some places out in Davie but i havent been personally. Hope this helps.