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Feb 21, 2006 07:59 PM

LA hound looking for suggestions...

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Hi guys... I'm coming to San Francisco for a weekend in April and wanted to see what are the must go to restaurants of the moment?

I'm contemplating
Pizzeria Delfina
Town Hall
Bar Tartine

any other ideas?

i always go to yank sing, tartine, lark creek inn....

thanks in advance. and jealous of all your good eats!

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  1. skip pizzeria delfina and hit pizzetta 211 (23rd at California) wonderfully thin, crispy, organic and fresh ingredients. also aziza is great, and i hear from a francophile that garcon is great

    1. Places I've enjoyed lately:


      Chez Papa

      Slanted Door


      The House


      1. I like all your choices. pizzeria delfina is definitely my fav pizza in the city. get the brocolli rabe with their house cured peperonni.

        Like a previous poster said, aziza and quince are good additions. theres just so much to hit. i would skip town hall and do something else. aziza, quince, myth, etc. also if you go to pizzeria delfina you dont need to go to a16. delfinas meatballs are better, and their pizza is better... and their salads are better. mmmmmm delfina pizzeria...must go soon.

        do canteen for lunch.

        zuni is love/hate. i love it. go there if you want to go to an sf institution.

        have fun!

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          I feel exactly the same way about A16 against Pizzeria Delfina. A16 has much better pizza, meatballs, sausage, and salads. It also has a much better wine list and service. The only thing that I live better about PD over A16 is the neighborhood.

          I do love Aziza and Zuni and I would add Canteen instead of Maverick, which is just fine if you are nearby but not worth a trip.

        2. thanks for all the great ideas... i love quince so much but i want to try someplace new... you all mentioned aziza and it looks great. i think i'll do that. thanks!

          1. Just a last minute plug for Town Hall. We had a thorougly enjoyable experience there in November. The food may not have been wonderful--I can't really remember what we ate, but the service and experience were stellar. The staff were so friendly and relaxed, and we never felt rushed. Waiters were joking with customers in a really laid back way. Just one example, we sat at the bar because we got there early (and had some great martinis, by the way) and when we were finished, I went over to the host and said we were ready to be seated. Meanwhile, my husband was attempting to pay our bar tab which ended up taking a long time. The host stood behind us at the bar chatting, not in the least put out that we had taken him away from the stand when we weren't really ready. He was quite friendly. So, if you are looking for something with a kind of relaxed vibe, Town Hall might be worth a visit. I know we'll be going back.

            We've also really enjoyed Canteen--but you've got to be comfortable with the whole eat your meal in 1.5 hours and get out thing. We tend to like a slower atmosphere. We sat at the bar and enjoyed watching the chef work (the staff were not very friendly--not unfriendly but pretty busy). The place runs at a quick pace. The food was great.
            Have a great visit!

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            1. re: mvasudeva

              If you want a relaxed meal at Canteen, go late.