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Sep 3, 2007 07:20 PM

Northern Galapagos - Torrington, CT

I consider this place a Chowhound success story. We were planning a drive to Woodstock NY and wanted to stop for breakfast at neat place on the way. NG came up during a New England board search and we stopped by. I ordered the 'Spanish Slam" and it was just right. Two eggs, toast, home fries and a mixture of steak, chorizo, peppers, onions and shrooms for only $6.50. That's less than what I pay at my local breakfast joint for corned beef hash out of a can. Good coffee for just a buck-ten. I would be a regular if I lived in town.

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  1. Waquoit, I'm glad you discovered this little gem, I totally agree with everything you said. Next time you're in the area, you should go there for dinner. You won't be disappointed, they've got a great menu.