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Wanted: trendy yummy fun and flirty...

My boyfriend and I are through and through foodies, and also love a great wine list! We are going on a special date wednesday night and are looking for a place to spend lots of time talking flirting eating and drinking, maybe move from dining room to bar as night progresses... We are 25 years old but not into college bars. We live north shore and will be traveling by car..... wld love some help!

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  1. You could start off with dinner in the Zebra Room at Upstairs on the Square, and then move into their Monday Club Bar for drinks afterward.

    1. Maybe the bar at Uni/Clio. Fun/trendy is the Eastern Standard bar (doing a special of 8 roses for $8 right now) and Gargoyle's, a little flirty. Central Kitchen? Toro?

      1. Flirty I'm not such an expert on, but for (very) yummy and fun, you might try Central Kitchen with a move to the Enormous Room upstairs after you've eaten.

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          Central Kitchen was my first response, too - my husband & I went for an afterdinner drink this past Sunday and it's a great, low key bar.

          My other suggestion would be Dali in Somerville for tapas (can't get more flirty at mealtime than sharing plates, IMO!) and nearby is EVOO for another drink, or Toscanini's for ice cream...

        2. Sounds like you might enjoy Cuchi Cuchi on Main St. in Cambridge. Great expensive drinks. Not so much a college atmosphere joint. Tapas.

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            Several great recommendations -- I think Cuchi Cuchi is definitely the most flirtatious of the bunch -- and with the most excellent white sangria and pretty good food.

          2. Cuchi Cuchi is a very good recommendation... so I'll second it! Drinks really are expensive, but they're excellent. The food is tapas-style. Also expensive, but also excellent. The atmosphere, though, is the star... definitely good for a fun, romantic night out with yr sig oth.

            Plus, you can move to Toscanini's for sundaes afterward! But maybe that's just MY idea of a date night.... ;)

            1. Cuchi cuchi is the first place that came to mind for me...I wouldn't say the food is out of this world (but it's certainly good) and it's just a really fun place overall...

              1. thanks for all the ideas! I am getting excited about this!

                1. I was just about to recommend Cuchi Cuchi - but it's already been done. I'll just second or third it - a great flirty place. The food's pretty good and they have lots of foofy drinks.

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                    I would suggest starting out at the bar at Mistral and then moving into the dining room. I would same the same for Sorellino too if money is not an issue.

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                      Money'd be an issue at Mistral, too, of course. Both might be a little out of the age range. Not that they're not gorgeous and all.

                  2. Maybe River Gods in Central Square? Quite funky decor (sort of part Gothic cathedral, part Dali-surrealistic), decent chow including a serviceable burger, good beer list, and the rather amusing habit of using a small abbey bell to indicate that a dish is ready to pick up (amused one of my DC's every time he heard it, for a good 2-3 hrs or so). Also quite an interesting clientele, composed as it is of overeducated students from the Cambridge area.

                    Bin 26 Enoteca has a well regarded wine list and it's certainly trendy. Can't speak to its yummyness, as I have not had the patience to wait 45 mins in line to find out, not with other favorite restaurants within a block's walk in any direction with much shorter waits.

                    One fun, flirty, yummy place is the Navy Yard Bistro in Charlestown. Can't say if it's trendy, but I had a wonderful time there, they have a lovely wine list, very good food and an incredibly nice owner.

                    Navy Yard Bistro & Wine Bar
                    1 1st Ave, Charlestown, MA 02129

                    Bin 26 Enoteca
                    26 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114

                    1. Thanks to all who recommended Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge! we had an awesome time! the hostess was professional, cute and fashionable...we started and ended at the bar... Strawberry basil martini was my drink of choice.... we had awesome tuna tarar cornets.... as was all of the food actually.... duck crepes, fried artichoke hearts, oyster rockerfellar, and my mans favorite...beef stroganoff (sorry if i spelled wrong) out service was on pointe our colombian waitress was cute, friendly and attentive. The bartender made us feel at home, he was friendly and made great drinks! who could ask for anything more? i loved the attention to detail from trendy voga sparkling water to the pretty check presenters, to the rhinestone waste basket in the bathroom. will we return to Cuchi Cuchi? HELL YES!!!!! highly reccommended... great food, great service, great bar... oh my! thanks everyone!

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                        Glad to hear you had a great time JennyGwiz. It's always encouraging when CHer's take recommendations that fulfill their wishes.