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Sep 3, 2007 07:11 PM

Brunch options around Qwest Field (Seattle)?

My husband and I are heading for Seattle this upcoming weekend and have tickets to the Seahawks game. I may be asking the impossible, but are there any decent brunch places in the area? This is our first trip and the area around the place from the information I've gleaned off the web looks distressingly like a west coast version of Baltimore's Inner Harbor (overpriced chains with lousy food). Is it worth the hike to Pike Place, which looks to be about a mile or so from the stadium? Help us out, Seattle hounds!

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  1. You are so right that the stadiun area is a chain-wasteland, but real chow is not far away. Coffee and parstry at Zeitgeist (a block or two away, on Jackson) is a good way to start a day, but you are deep in the heart of coffee-city and there are many good coffee shops and bakeries at hand. Cherry Street Coffee, Macrina, Dahlia Bakery, Top Pot Doughnuts. All good.
    A very nice brunch, probably $20 per person or so, can be found at Cafe Campagne, in the pike place market, and Etta's, nearby has a devoted following for their french toast.
    North of Safeco field, at Yesler Way, the Free-Ride Zone begins, and buses are free North to about Bell Street. Pecos Pit for pulled-pork sandwich is great, as is Pho Cyclo, a ways down First. The international district, starting about Uwajimaya, as you walk away from the stadium, is full of good food. Dim Sum is available in several places, each with devotees whose testiminials are in the archives. For a very Seattle scene, Ivar's at the Ferry terminal is historic. Historic, btw, does not necessarily mean good, but neither does it necessarily mean bad. It's can be either or a bit of both...

    1. It might be worth the walk to Pike Place Market. Actually, I used to park right underneath the market and walk to the Seahawk games every home game... it's not that bad! Have fun!

      1. Downtown and Pike Place are so close to the stadiums I'd go there if you want a proper brunch. Etta's and Cafe Campagne are good choices, as is dim sum in the ID, at Jade Garden for example. Not sure that it chain wasteland near the stadiums (I can't actually think of a single chain there), there just isn't that much besides a handful of sports bars and brewpubs.

        1. planet java is a weird little diner/breakfast place in pioneer square. and grand central does a great breakfast, though i'm not sure they're open on weekends. but yeah--it's probably worth a trip to the market.