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Sep 3, 2007 06:38 PM

Eat Out Tasting 2007

Has anybody been to this event? Is it worth $100 PP? We're only in town for 1 week, but thought this might be a fun thing to do. Any comments?

Also, do you know if we could buy last minute tickets; or do they have to be purchased in advance?


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  1. I did the NY Mag one last year and it was very fun, as long as you dont mind crowds and waiting in lines for a bit. But overall a really fun experience.

    1. Definitely purchase in advance.
      It's a lot of fun..i reccomend it.

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        1. Yes, it's a great deal, and a good way to sample lots of NY restaurants' signature dishes. Plan your eating wisely... last year I ate one of Nobu's mochis before I tried any other dessert and was then far too stuffed to try any others.

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            Thanks all. Actually, the idea of that much food sort of scares me. Same reason I don't do buffets! This is the Eat Out tasting, not NY Mag. Are the crowds bad at this one too? Also, what is the appropriate dress at these things (something expandable, I know ;>) )?

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              The line at booths like Nobu was longer than others, but in general you can walk around and skip long lines in favor of shorter ones. I think I waited no more than a minute at most booths. Corners can jam up a little, but it was always easy to escape to the center of the room to standing tables where you could perch & eat and drink.
              I saw a little bit of everything, clothing-wise. Most people looked like they had come straight from work, so business casual seemed to be the norm?

          2. I've done this two years before. The $100 represents what seems like a standard price increase over the years. Yes, it's probably still worth it. Don't be scared of the number of restaurants--most of the bites are very small and you'll have to wait for a while for the popular ones. It's not a buffet where you'll be tempted to load up on food. Also, the unlimited bar is nice and if you feel slighted by the volume/quality of food, you can always drink your sorrows away to make up the difference. Recommended.