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Sep 3, 2007 05:51 PM

What ever happened to Sams Gourmet in Winston Salem???

Is it still there??? I used to love that place.

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  1. Sam's Gourmet closed in the early 70's. Used to be a huge favorite of WFU students when parents were paying. It must have been a very long time since your last visit. You should come back. Winston Salem has some very good restaurants to try.

    1. Wow. Was that the place in the basement of Thruway Shopping Center? With the long buffet, very dark inside? It must have been open in the mid-'70s, because I remember eating there. I loved the chocolate mousse!

      What a memory.

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      1. re: uptown jimmy

        Oh, yummy, Sam's Gourmet. And you're so right about the chocolate mousse. But they were still open when I graduated from WFU in '85.

        Thanks for the memory!

        1. re: martyparty

          I was there in 1986. I loved the place too. Great place for a low budget, eat 'til until you're stuffed, wait for the big belch and go back for more, huge buffet and very decent quality and all for about $5.95.

      2. One of the things I loved there was the shredded lettuce salad with the cheese dressing. One of the waitresses told us it was "pink roquefort" but my guess would be that it had feta in it and some ketchup or tomato sauce. My friends and I tried to duplicate it for years, but our attempts were never quite right. The veal cordon bleu was a favorite, too; I've never had anything that tasted the same anywhere else. Wonder what happened to those recipes??

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