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Sep 3, 2007 04:49 PM

German butcher shop in Forked River

Hi all,
Got off the parkway at the Waretown/Forked River exit on Friday and on the way to Route 9, I saw a sign for a German butcher shop. I understand that German butcher shops sell some of the best meats, but I have never been in one. Would this be a shop that my German friend would like to visit, and what would they sell here? Is this authentic? It's a bit of a hike; more than an hour from where I live, so I would hate to take the ride out there if this shop was not worth the visit. Any comments? BTW: I am in the Cherry Hill/Marlton area, so if there is such a shop closer, I would also appreciate your suggestions.

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  1. This place is great. It's run by a German guy (Wolfgang) and has a tremondous following. All of the meats are top shelf, as are the pies and side dishes, etc. The sandwiches are terrific.
    It's been around for at least 20 years. My mother lives in Lawrenceville and would drive here for the homemade hot dogs and sausages. Now when she visits me she stocks up on her ride home.
    If you don't have anything top shelf in your area, you won't be disappointed by what you find here.

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      Thanks for the info. BTW: I did google and find another German shop in Philadelphia; located in the Northeast.
      Probably lots closer for your mother. Any favorite German restaurants that you would suggest? I get a craving for good German, and haven't found anything in the area. Dutchmans off of LBI used to be good, but it's just been terrible for several years. Other than the view, I can't figure out why anyone would go there.

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        I agree with you about the Dutchman's.
        Most of the good German restaurants I've visited are in north Jersey, so probably too far for you. The closest one to you that I like alot, although I haven't been there in a couple of years, is The Black Forest in Allentown, NJ. I've had some really good meals there. It's a byob and has the normal German foods you'd expect, all prepared very well.
        While it's not around the corner from you, it's probably a pretty easy ride if you're near Route 295 or the turnpike. You can take either road up to the Trenton area and catch RT. 195 east. Take the Allentown exit (which I think is the first exit after you'd get off the turnpike) and follow the road for a mile or so where it ends. Turn right and you'd run into the Black Forest if the road didn't bend, in about 300 yards.
        If you really wanted to make a "German Day" of it, you could go to the German butcher and stock up, then take Lacey Road west and catch Rt. 539 right into Allentown. It's about a 40 minute ride.
        Sorry for getting so wordy !

      2. re: BCjr

        I agree with BCjr...Wolfgang rules. We buy all of our meats from him and have never been disappointed. One of his summer grilling specialties is "beef on a stick"...exquisitely tender beef in a teriyaki marinade that is to die for. I served it at a barbecue and it was vacuumed off the platter! He may still be selling it for another week or two, so I'm stocking freezes well.

        His homemade hot dogs/sausages/kielbasa/etc. are first rate, as are the desserts, salads and sides. Definitely worth a visit and I'd suggest bringing a very large cooler! :)

        1. re: MartiniQueen

          might be worth a day trip down there to check it out. Oh, and BCjr, no worries about the lengthy post: I appreciate your comments. My next door neighbors love German food and I might be able to drag them along for a visit to the Black Forest Inn. Does that serve German beer, or is it BYOB?

      3. I've heard only good things about the Forked River German butcher, too, and I'm pretty sure he and his family have been there since the early '70's. If you shoot down the parkway after your visit (with a full cooler in your trunk!), you could stop at Mickey and Minnie's for dinner in Cologne, NJ, on Route 30, just east of Egg Harbor City. Every Tuesday is German night, and they have their own Oktoberfest. Check out the link:

        1. Check out the German Heritage Festival at the PNC Bank Arts Center this Sunday.

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            If you go to the German Butcher in Forked River you have to get the apple dumplings. They rock! Also good are the pies. I am drooling just remembering the raspberry pie I got a couple of months ago.

          2. Hi mschow,
            if your friend comes directly from Germany for a visit, don't offer him to go to German restaurants or butchers...
            If he/she is here for more than six months, he/she might appreciate it due to increasing withdrawal symptoms...same with the bread by the way (here the tip over comes after six weeks) ;-)
            Never mind - I'm not trying to insult anybody - but being a German living in the US (DC) for a bit morethan a year now, I thought I should contribute some "insider" info...and I wouldn't want to live here without the The Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe:
   2150 N. Culpeper Street Arlington, VA 22207


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              Thanks for the reply. My friend came here from Germany as a 9 year old, and has been here over 40 years. Most of her relatives are still back in Germany. I think she could use a German fix and was very intrigued when I told her about about this store.
              However, I found a German store in Philadelpia, called Riekers which is close. We may try and make a visit there over the weekend.
              Thanks for your reply.