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Sep 3, 2007 04:43 PM

Charlottesville, VA

Want to take the family to c'ville for a visit (non-football weekend). I'm looking for a good dinner place and a good breakfast place. The one consideration is that I have two kids under 5 (and they like what most kid like and dislike what most kids dislike).

Breakfast is for Sunday morning and we'd like a nice relax (unhurried) breakfast with the usual stuff. Not interested in the Tavern as it tends to be a zoo on sunday mornings.
BTW, how is the Sunday brunch at Keswick Hall?

Dinner, we'd like a nice dinner place where I don't have to wear a tie.

Any suggestions would e greatly appreciated.

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  1. My wife says the Boar's Head does a very nice brunch and specifically does a very good job of meeting the needs of small kids and their families. Other breakfast (straight forward, very friendly service and pretty good sausage gravy) is Sam's Kitchen, just up 29 (north of the Tavern, but on 29S) from the Tavern. They have good specials every day and the waitresses love kids.

    For dinner, I can't actually think of anywhere that would expect you to wear a tie. Any sort of cuisine in particular that you're interested in?

    1. There are a lot of great dining options in Cville. Can you narrow it down a bit? And I agree with CCB - even the high end places in town accept relatively casual attire.

      1. Our favorite breakfast place is the Tip Top on Pantops (Tip Top Rocks - say my 5 yo and 7 yo girls). It's standard breakfast fare - chocolate chip pancakes, good omelettes, etc.

        Possible sit-down dinner options with two kids under 5 (unless your kids are more patient and will sit longer than mine), I suggest: the Nook (casual american) on the Downtown Mall, Cocina del Sol (mexican) off Hydraulic Road, Lime Leaf (thai) on 29 North, or Flaming Wok (chinese/tepanyaki).

        1. I don't have kids, but gotta agree with The Nook. I always think of it as a breakfast or lunch place (eggs, pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, etc.), but it would work for dinner. Their patio is right on the Downtown Mall, so lots of people watching and space for the kids.

          Some places with good food for dinner that are somewhat kid-friendly:
          Shebeen ( South African/American
          South Street Brewery (Get the awesome local beers for yourself!) American Casual
          Zydeco (on the UVA Corner) Cajun/BBQ

          And if you get there early (5-6ish) and sit outside on the patio, the kids might be OK and can share some sides at Maya while you dine on their ribs/catfish/pork loin/halibut.