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Sep 3, 2007 04:35 PM

Cafe Zinho

I'm a Shadysider and was wondering about Cafe Zinho. My boyfriend and I were planning on taking two of our friends there when they come into town for a Steelers game...I like the BYOB aspect, but was also thinking that Fajita Grille might be just as good a choice...any thoughts?

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  1. We've had wonderful meals there. Funky interior, great food, friendly service, reasonable prices. Love the appetizer pastry w/ cheese and pear!

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      I also highly recommend it! Its adorable and everyone is friendly. The food I have had there has been excellent. Try the Spanakopita if they haven't run out!

    2. We love Cafe Zinho - very relaxed and good food. We had a few terrible meals at the Fajita Grill and swore we wouldn't go back....

      1. I love Cafe Zinho! I no longer live in Pittsburgh, but it is one of my regular stops on visits back to town.