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Sep 3, 2007 03:54 PM

The Candle Light Inn in Catonsville / Sidestreets

Does anyone know if The Candle Light Inn in Catonsville is any good? How about Side Streets or The Crab Shanty in Ellicott City?

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  1. Sisestreets is no longer there. Sorry, can't remember the name of the new restaurant.

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      rumor mill - asian eclectic
      candlelight - sleepy

    2. The Candle Light Inn is NOT very good. Unless you like overcooked, underseasoned food. Side streets was ok, nothing special, and the Crab Shanty can be pretty good for some old-school seafood dishes.

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        The Candle Light Inn is terrible - not
        Chowhound worthy at all (coming from someone who grew up in Catonsville, still lives there and would LOVE to have a great local place to frequent.)
        Yes, Sidestreets is gone. We've been to the Rumor Mill several times. I WANT to love it, as it's really close to my house. But it was hit and miss. Some dishes were pretty good, others were inventive but missed the mark, and the atmosphere was downright ghostly, which took away from the whole experience. We may go back once more, but unless one of those elements change, I'm afraid that we'll continue to travel to one of our faves in B'more for a great meal...

      2. That sucks to hear about the candlelight. I used to work there in the early 90's and the food was good...... of course I was 17. I have been wanting to go back. Guess not now.

        1. Went to The Crab Shanty 2 weeks ago and while the service was fine, the food no longer is. I used to love several dishes and my family and I would often go at least once whenever I came down to visit for the past 16 years but we decided the last time we went, it really was no longer worth it.

          I ordered the blackened shrimp caesar salad (have ordered this many times and is one of my favorite dishes there) and to my surprise, the shrimp was no longer the large jumbo deveined shrimp but seemed like the tiny frozen kind. The salad was also drenched in oil (along with their caesar salad dressing) and overall, was just too salty. I ate a couple of bites but stopped eating it b/c it literally was that bad. My sister also commented that her crabcake was just okay. My father's salmon was swimming in butter. My mom ordered the steamed shrimp that she always orders and that was fine (not much you can do to mess up an order of steamed shrimp).

          I'm so disappointed since it used to serve decent (not-the-best-I've-had-but-still-fine) seafood. It seems that others agree since on a Friday night, there was absolutely no one waiting in the waiting area (in years past, that area would be jam packed and the wait would usually be 30-60 minutes on a weekend night).