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Sep 3, 2007 03:35 PM

Best/Worst Chowhound Tips

For every joint that gets a rave on this board, you can be sure someone else will regard the very same place as a washout. Understandable. Tastes in food differ - wildly. As to which view is the correct one, who knows? I've found that for every good tip I get on this board, three others are, in my view, duds. Which to me is a pretty good batting average in the game of where to eat.
To help sort out (somewhat) these differences of opinion, however, let us each nominate the best eating tip you ever got on this board, as well as the worst. To get us started, for me the best tip I ever got was Kenzo, a Japanese ramen spot on Yonge Street south of Steeles. I'd passed it many times, but it looked so forlorn in its little strip mall that I avoided it - until some enthusiastic tipster recommended it. I've been back many times. As for the worst tip, it came from a usually reliable source, a hound who clearly knows his chow (and whose posts have tipped me to several decent spots), but this time I found nothing whatever to like at Aladdin's Palace, a middle-Eastern place in the east end - not the atmosphere, or the service, but mainly the dreary food.
Now, what are your choices for best and worst food tip you ever got on this board?

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  1. Well juno, fortunately I don't have your batting average. Most of my CH tips have been bang on.

    My truly worst tip was for Foccacia on Hayden St. This was definitely in the "what were you people thinking" category. While the reports on Larry the waiter were bang on, the food was so subpar that I was embarrassed at having dragged my visitors to this hole in the wall. Another bad tip was for Pantheon on the Danforth. Ugh.

    Good posts fortunately outnumber the bad and my fav CH finds include Japango, Batifole, and the Sandwich Box. When I've asked for advise, I am always grateful for the eager participation of our local CHers.

    1. Best food tip: Ethiopian House. I had tried Ethiopian food a few times before visiting this place but I just couldn't get into it. I always enjoyed the first few bites but then found the flavours too tangy / repetitive. I really *wanted* to like it, though, so upon the rec of someone here, I checked out Ethiopian House and now I'm an addict. Partner and I also really enjoyed our meal at the House on Parliament: they served me an excellent (medium!) burger and fries that impressed me just when I thought I had gotten sick of french fries to the point of no return. Also, La Grotta at Danforth and Pape for pizza. My favourite pizza ever (nice thin, crispy crust, and it reheats like a charm and tastes even better the next day), and I'm always begging partner to lose a piece of bruschetta my way.

      Worst food tips: Salad King. Words cannot express how hideous I think this place is (food, service, and ambience), and I can't believe that it gets as highly recommended as it does. Also, Udupi Palace. Partner and I got takeout from them one night and while we have pretty high spice tolerances, everything in the thali was far too hot for us (perhaps it was just the night) and tasted identically unappealing. Very disappointing.

      I'd say that most of the CH tips I've followed on tended to end up being mediocre... the experiences were generally definitely not bad, but didn't really bear repeating either. I can't (yet) afford to try any of the higher end recs, but I'm looking forward to the day I can. My summerlicious experience at Batifole was good, but not amazing.

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        i second salad king as the worst tip. the food is not disgusting....but not good either, staff are rude and the seating arrangements suck (smelling a uni students hangover breath as i eat just isn't my thing).

        as far as best tip..........quattro regazze at danforth/woodbine. great value, excellent veal chops.

      2. Best tip: sushi marche.

        1. The best tip for me was The Globe is now one of my faves!

          1. We all know all the high end fine dining places.
            Sushi Marche & jumbo lobster 4 ways at O Mei are among the best food tips I got from this board. Thanks fellow CH.

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            1. re: ace123

              True, for the high end recs, we all can read Toronto Life, but this board's forte, I think, is probably supposed to be the hidden gems that hounds have sniffed out.