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Sep 3, 2007 03:27 PM

Don Cuco's, Casa Vega, or Senor Frog's??

the mission tonight is americanized mexican food, we just moved to the valley so I havent been to any of these places, which is best? or are they all el torito/acapulco quality? am I just better off drivin to LA and going to el cholo or whatever? thanks in advance

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  1. If it's got to be one of those three I would go with Casa Vega.

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    1. I think I'd choose Don Cuco's but none of the three are as great as El Cholo!

      1. I would actually have to disagree with the first two posters. I was recently at Casa Vega, don't get me wrong, I do like it there, but the food was kinda blah, with not much flavor this time around. The chips were incredibly salty. We had to sit at the booth that is right next to the door, and the maitre de was practically sitting on our table. We asked if we could wait for the next one and they said it would be 30 minutes more!

        My vote is for Don Cuco's. Everything I have ever eaten there had been consistently delish, the chips and salsa are yummy, and the food has lots of flavor! I love their chili colorado :)

        El Cholo is great, especially the pralines!

        1. Senor Fred, not Frog's, is better than the vega, especially their specialities. Margs and chips and salsa are also very good. Lamb shanks, crab enchiladas, salmon, etc. are head and shoulders above.

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            not really great "ammericanized mexican" more "Fancy" than Casa vega. For the huge satisfyingly gloppy platters with beans and rice and more, I'd say Vega, or La Fogata.

          2. Love Don Cuco's, definately would pick them. Great margaritas and very good food.