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Sep 3, 2007 03:19 PM

College and Lansdowne: Where to eat?

My boyfriend and I are moving to College and Lansdowne this fall. We're not all that familiar with the area in terms of restaurants, but a quick walk around found not a lot of choice. What did we miss? What are your favourite spots in this area?


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  1. Ronscesvalles Av. is within walking distance and has a lot to offer.
    There are a couple of Pho places on College between Dufferin and Sheridan. Portuguese take out chicken and pork are available in a number of Dundas St locations, and Portuguese meat, fish and bakeries on Dundas are not to be missed.

    1. o bairradino, pho phuong, carabean queen, rosies, phils, brazilian bakery, rhino.


      1. Caribean Queen (on bloor) amazing roti

        1. Chiado for a really special, dress up meal.

          1. There is a great pho place on lansdowne, east side, right in between college & dundas. Inexpensive and delicious...

            as well, there seems to be a new portugese bbq place opening soon at dundas & lansdowne... Called "Gauchos BBQ" or something...