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Sep 3, 2007 03:16 PM

dinner within half-hour walk from Paddington?

Boston (US) chowhounds here -- we have a layover and would like to get together with a London friend who is not much of a chowhound (so we'd rather depend on you for suggestions).

Quite expensive is okay, but gastropub recommendations are welcome too. Or even an especially good Indian or Mediterranean place?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. There was a similar thread he a few days ago asking for recommendations for the Marylebone Station area which is quite close to Paddington.

    Its not really an area that I like. I find it a bit scuzzy and sordid. As far as restaurants are concerned, you are in the heart of culinary badlands. You would be better served heading towards Marylebone by taxi.

    1. Paddington is tough!

      But a 20 minute walk away is Maida Vale, and there's a great restaurant on one of the canals, which I'd say is perfect for your purposes. A beautiful neighbourhood, a stylish (but not annoyingly hip) space and vibe, very good food.

      In the opposite direction is Maroush Gardens (in the middle of a million Lebanese restaurants), which has very good food but isn't as special a place.

      You could also visit Michelin-starred Assaggi, also within a 30 minute walk (but it's Italian, which may be boring).

      Lastly, I haven't been to Ginger, but I've heard it's good (and it is Indian).

      Good Luck!

      1. Pearl Liang is right behind Paddington station and is pretty good. It's been talked about on here; the threads should be findable with a search. My writeup (and collection of links to other people's writeups) can be found at

        1. Marylebone High Street is 20 minutes away (30 if looking at a map whilst you walk). I know this for a fact because with the underground strike I walked it yesterday. Plenty of threads on Marylebone High Street (personally I would suggest The Providores, I must say Maida Vale, suggested by loobcom, is sensible. As someone mentioned, there are many Middle Eastern restaurants in the area; the difficulty is choosing one that stands out. Occo on Crawford Street is pleasant.

          1. I appreciate everyone's help. We ended up walking to Marylebone High Street. Had a very nice Italian meal outdoors at Getti, about a block north of Paddington Street on the High Street. My pappardelle with duck was especially good. My companions' linguini vongole and risotto were also reported to be quite good, although I didn't try them

            Next time I'm stuck at Paddington Station, that's where I'm headed! thanks again.

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              Always nice to know how it turned out. Cheers, BB