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Sep 3, 2007 02:44 PM

One day in Traverse City...Leelanau County....

I will be spending one day in the Traverse City area...there and up into Leelanau County ..Suttons Bay area...I have read the past posts on restaurants there but if you can help me out if you only had one day to have some great meals ..where would you go? I am on a bit of a expensive blow-out meals but I would like to eat well and would welcome any suggestions for a great breakfast, lunch and dinner in the area. Especially any place that uses the local ingredients in a fresh way.

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  1. You'll find plenty of suggestions in this recent topic:

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      1. Trattoria Stella is the one "can't miss" place in Traverse City. It's situated in the old state mental hospital, but don't let that sway you, (uh, one way or the other). The food is top notch, and you can save some money by sharing a couple of appetizers. (They make a phenomenal pate with lots of yummy accoutrements.) The wine list is excellent, as well - lots of high quality Italian wines, with some of the high quality local wines sprinkled in.