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Sep 3, 2007 02:43 PM

24 hr eats in downtown toronto

hi guys....i will be in toronto, somewhere near the old mapleleaf arena i think.

can anyone suggest a 24/7 place to eat/snack. at that hour, a diner would be fine, but i would like to hear of other options. it doesn't have to be in the vicinity, but not far either,,,,and with easy parking.

also,,,,is there chinese or korean?


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  1. There's always Fran's just west of Yonge on College, but the few times I've been there have been quite disappointing. Very boring diner food that I could easily make better at home. I guess it would suit the bill if you're having a craving, though, and probably moreso if you consumed large quantities of alcohol before heading there.

    1. There's a disgusting Golden Griddle directly across the street. I don't know whether they are 24 hours, but there are lots of Chinese places on Spadina between College and Queen that are open long enough after the bars close to have your post-party meal. There is parking on Spadina at night.

      At Bloor just east of Bathurst there is Mel's Diner, which is twenty four hours and, IMO, excellent at what it does (Montreal diner/breakfast food).

      1. A 24-hour Korean, if that's what you're after, is The Owl of Minerva, but it doesn't meet your "not far" requirement, unfortunately. Yonge, between Sheppard and Finch.

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          There is an Owl of Minerva on Bloor between Bathurst and Christie - near Clinton, I think

        2. 7 west on charles and yonge...2 mins drive, or 10 min walk. green p parking nearby.

          i would NOT go to golden griddle or frans

          if you're into chinese, definitely hit up spadina between dundas and college for late night chinese food. rol san, new ho, epan etc.

          I'm not sure what Korea Town(bloor between bathurst and christie) has to offer in terms of late night

          1. 24 hrs. King Palace Pakastani -- if you're not afraid of some heat (Sherbourne and Adelaide).