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Sep 3, 2007 02:35 PM

Where can I buy an Electric Takoyaki Pan?

Ok, so I really love those little balls of octopus and batter known as Takoyaki. I'm interested in procuring the goods to produce them myself so I can wallow in my own fatness in the very comfort of my own kitchen.

I know that you need a specialized cast-iron Takoyaki pan (to cook over a stove) but I have also heard that you can get electric versions of a Takoyaki pan.

Does anyone have any insight as to where I can procure one of these locally (either pan or electric version)? I know you can get them on ebay but I'd like to handle the goods before I purchase one. Maybe a specialty Japanese store or a kitchen equipment shop? Any guesses?

I'd also appreciate any tips ya'll have on making Takoyaki!


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  1. The usual home version is a cast iron pan that you put on a gas burner. I once saw an electric version in a store in Japan. I think the heavier cast iron pan would work better. Probably the best bet locally would be to try Katagiri or Mitsuwa in Edgewater.

    Mitsuwa runs a shuttle from Port Authority for $2. It is worthwhile going there if you are interested in Japanese stuff. has some videos.

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      Thanks! That's awesome. I will check it out. I bet the takoyaki made with the cast-iron pan is much tastier, but I'm a lazy guy.

      Thanks again!

      1. re: CookinKhan

        I don't understand the lazy comment. A cast iron pan will do a better job and is smaller and easier to store. It will also be easier to maintain than the electric unit.

        1. re: Hank1

          I figured that an electric unit would be simpler to use for some reason? With my lack of experience, my comment may have been mistaken. Thanks for your input though. I'm definitely going to try and find a cast iron pan.

          1. re: CookinKhan

            I think you can also make takoyaki using a danish pancake aebleskiver pan. It has the round shape, but maybe is not as deep?


      2. re: Hank1

        I should note here not to go there on Sunday. You cannot get to the aisle with electronics due to Bergen County's law on selling certain things on Sundays. You've been warned :-)

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          1. Try Korin downtown, not really open to the public but just say you have a restaurant or something. The have great knives and other japanese items. Also Sunrise Market might have something. 3rd ave and St Marks or therabout.

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              DH just purchased me a knife from there. No need to say you have a restaurant, etc. They do sell to the general public.

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