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Sep 3, 2007 02:24 PM

Remezzo in Scarborough

I know there are a few topics about Remezzo Italian Restaurant when I searched. But I was wondering if anyone has visited them in the last few weeks/months. Are they any good? Do they serve good Italian food. I'm wondering about going there for a birthday dinner.

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  1. Went there about 2 months ago. They are ok, nothing really memorable. Generally, the food and the place feels kinda old and tired. Just have a feeling that it is a restaurant make over waiting to happen.

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      We used to order lunch from them almost every month and agree with above response that their stuff is just ok.

    2. My not very adventuresome husband used to be addicted to that place but I found the food ok. It wasn't horrible or anything but nothing to make me have "moments". I agree, Restaurant Makeover waiting to happen.

      1. I wouldnt think of this as a special birthday place, more of a good option if your in the area. I believe I had a veal parm dish which was pretty good for what it was, but nothing fancy or outstanding. However, I recall pretty good prices, so I would never put this place down, just maybe wouldnt rush to it for a birthday.