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Sep 3, 2007 02:16 PM

Where to dine with a Pescetarian?

Need a place for a birthday celebration. Luckily this will take place just after TIFF so I don't have to worry about lack of available seating. Prefer a place where 3 women can relax and talk so no fast turnover and no noisy places although lively is just fine. MUST have a good wine list with a lot of selection by the glass. Decor is important to them and since it's not myyyyyy birthday I better consider that. A Mediterranean place would be ideal as long as it isn't Joso. While I don't mind the occasional boob in a room I really prefer when it's a person's attitude, not "art". I have a limit to my 'don't need no decor' level. Preferred grazing range would be Yonge-Eglinton to downtown.

BTW I put this into the search engine, but all I came up with is postings by Pescetarian. Something to consider when picking your handle I guess. No offense P!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What about a Portuguese spot for grilled fish and seafood? Try Portuguese as your search and lots of reviews will come up.

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      1. re: Zengarden

        Ya, Chiado might fit the bill... though it's out of your range.

        1. re: thenurse

          Thank you for the seafood suggestions. I had considered both Chiado and Starfish, To be more specific, though, we're trying to find a place where she has many options not just either seafood or vegetarian. Typically she's the one reduced to 3, 4 choices on a menu while I and my other friend go wild. It would be nice if the tables turned for the birthday girl.

        2. lol, thanks for the advice. Name doesn't even apply to me anymore, but I can't change it.

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            I've seen current postings by someone who has amended their handle, so you might consider that (i.e., omnivore, formely pescatarian). Not sure how it's done, but the CH team should be able to advise you.

            1. re: MobyRichard

              Thanks, but I was advised once by the CH team that the only way to change it was to start a new handle.

          2. Here I go again... Quince on Yonge St south of Eglinton - they do wood-oven fish and various other yummy dishes, great sides, great vibe. Sigh. I gush.

            2110 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2A5, CA