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Sep 3, 2007 12:46 PM

has anyone tried the vegetarian philly cheese steak sandwhich at astrobuger??

is it good? also how is the fajitas with the vegetarian steak?? I love the vegi burger so much that I could never bring myself to order anything else but I really wanna try the philly cheesesteak and the fajitas.

Also is there a difference between the melrose location and the santa monica location, if so, which one is better?

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  1. I haven't tried either the veggie philly cheese steak or fajitas but the veggie ham & cheese sandwich is good. The Santa Monica Blvd location does not have the full vegetarian menu offered on Melrose, they only have veggie burgers and a few other vegetarian patties.

    1. So i'm going to astro tonight should I stick with the tried and true(the veggie burger) or is the veggie philly cheesesteak sandwhich or the veggie steak fajitas worth ordering? thanks

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      1. re: AdamFoodie

        I'm always a fan of trying new things - be sure to let us know how they are. Or get both and bring the leftovers home.

        1. re: meatlessinla

          eh, I guess i'll go with the philly cheesesteak sandwhich, it will go better with the veggie chilli fries, but damn its so hard not to order the veggie burger its sooo DELISH

      2. So what serves as the "meat" , am looking for something like this. thanks