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Sep 3, 2007 12:30 PM

vegetable fajitas

where should I go tonight for vegetable fajitas? thanks

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  1. my girlfriend and I want americanized mexican food tonight(fajitas,nachos,margaritas) i'm in the valley and was thinkin either casa vega, don cucos, or senor fred's I havent been to any of these places before do any of them have decent food or am I better off just drivin to El Cholo? thanks

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      If it matters to you, I think both Casa Vega & Don Cuco's use lard in their beans (this may have changed by now). I would opt for El Cholo, even tho' it is reviled constantly here - their Sonora Style nachos are deelish (or at least, they used to be). Their beans are lard-free, but there is chicken stock in the rice & beef stock in the sauce used on the cheese enchiladas - rendering both uneatable for strict vegetarians. I usually stick to the tosada sans meat & a peach margarita - yum (i can't hate El Cholo - it's too nostalgic a place for me).

    2. Abuelitas in Topanga Canyon? I haven't been there, but have been curious to try it out.

      1. pizza world on fairfax, just south of 3rd, makes vegatarian fajitas with fake meat. it is good americanized meatless mexican food in my opinion, but it's not in the valley.