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Sep 3, 2007 12:24 PM

Fresh flat Thai noodles in Dallas?

I am in the mood to make some Pad Kee Mow at home and of course the main ingredient for that is flat rice noodles which supposedly are freshly made in stores (never sold packaged). If you want to see what I am talking about, then look below,

Unfortunately I cannot seem to locate a store nearby which makes/sells these. I have been to the Asian grocery megastore in Carrollton (Josey and Frankford Ln) but they didn't seem to have it and I encountered a slight communication barrier in trying to explain to them what I was looking for :


Can someone recommend a store where you can buy these? Thanks.

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  1. I am looking for these also, as I love Pad Kee Mow and can only find wide rice stick noodles, which are not quite the same. I had some great Pad Kee Mow at Best Thai in the northeast corner of Preston Royal shopping center. When I asked her where she got such wide noodles, she told me that they use rice noodle sheets and cut them to whatever width they need. To date, I have not found these either, but really haven't had time to look to hard. My best markets are Vietnam Plaza @ Josey and Belt Line. There are also some terrific markets at Walnut Street and Plano Road in Garland. Also a huge market on Spring Valley east of Plano Road. PLEASE let me know if you have any luck and/or find them somewhere. ALSO, where have you found the best Pad Kee Mow when dining out?


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      Thanks for the tip cookingblue22. As far as the best Pad Kee Mow goes - my favorite which is also seconded by a colleague from Thailand, is Bangkok Orchid at Belt Line Rd and 183 in Irving. Try it :)

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        Cool- I will.

        There is a very good asian market at Belt Line and Rochelle, I believe. I would not be at all surprised if they would have the fresh rice noodles.

        when I go to lunch at Bangkok Orchid, I will let you know?

    2. Good news! i reied the Pad kee mow you recommended @ Thai Orchid...very very tasty. They put some unusual ingredients in corn, green bel pepper, srooms and lettuce. I ordered it four star hot and my head is sweating profusely.....might go three star next time!

      I also stopped by TNL SuperFood asian market that I mentioned, and sure enough, on a stand alone rack just behind the cash registers....there were the elusive FRESH rice noodles. I bought one pack of wide rice stick noodle and one pack of rice noodle I can cut my own to whatever width I desire!!! I am stoked and can't wait to experiment with them at home. three punds of rice noodles for under $3...WOW.

      Do you have a favorite recipe for pad kee mow you can share? Are you cooking on a supe flame or just a conventional stove? The wok hay on th elunch I just ate from Thai Orchid was delicious.

      Anyone else got good thai noodle dish recommendations???

      1. Pad Kee Mow is like medicine to always, ALWAYS brightens my day!! The best I've had is Thai Soon - always the perfect carmelization and full flavor.

        Tried Royal Thai, Tukta Thai, Mangoes (?), Green Papaya....nobody does it better than Thai Soon

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          amen to that. i just went to tukta thai for the first time and was SORELY disappointed. i'll be making the trek to richardson from now on.

        2. Best Thai in Addison and Thai Jasmine in Plano have good Pad kee mow. I am Thai and I think they are quite authentic.

          1. Wow ... I just saw the date on this post. It's from 2007. Anyone still looking for the fresh wide/flat rice noodle? I actually know of several places that sell them in DFW. (Well, first of all, when you go in and ask, don't ask for "fresh flat Thai noodles" -- just ask for fresh wide/flat rice noodle.) For Dallas area -- there's a huge Chinese market in Plano, right on Legacy Dr. called Asia World Market. This is probably my favorite; I live in Fort Worth and would rather drive -- sometimes up to an hour or longer, depending on traffic in Dallas -- to get grocery from here. My second fav is, also, another Chinese supermarket, it's in Richardson (where Asia World Market used to be before they moved to Plano). It's call Tian Tian Supermarket (400 Greenville Ave). There are other ones tucked in little plazas and corners throughout Dallas, but I don't remember the exact locations. As for Fort Worth -- the most decent Asian market I've found so far is a Vietnamese market in Haltom City, 5302 E. Belknap St. It's called Nguyen Loi Oriental Supermarket; they also sell the fresh wide/flat rice noodle there.

            NOW -- all that being said, obviously I don't have a problem finding the fresh flat rice noodle ... the problem is separating them before cooking. They sell the sheet kinds or the pre-cut ones -- but all the layers are still all stuck together and it's super hard to peel them. I've tried soaking them in cold water and/or boiling the noodles and neither works. Any ideas/suggestions?