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Sep 3, 2007 12:19 PM

Avi and David's

I read about Avi and David's on this board and finally had the chance to try the place out. I was quite impressed with the entire operation. It is a small place, seats about 15, very clean, lots of menu choices. My wife and I tried a few things like the make your own wrap, split pea soup and coffee. They were all delicious. I even brought home sandwiches for my kids, who were thrilled, as well. All in all, this is a place that I would recommend and I hope it does well. It's opened 24 hours, except for Shabbat.

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    1. re: chai18

      63rd and 3rd in the Trump Building (but facing the street) in Manhattan.

      1. re: craigcep

        I just tried the tuna "proscuitto" sandwich and thought it was delicious. The zucchini and the butternut soups could both have used a bit of something; maybe salt.

        1. re: tomby

          my friends were speaking well of it the other day.

    2. 'seats 15' is a bit misleading, as there are about 3 small tables and a couple seats at a bar facing the window. If you come in at any remotely busy time it is highly unlikely you will get a seat unless you're willing to wait around and harass those lucky enough to snag one.

      1. I just had a very tasty A&D salad w/ vege schnitzel, greens, chick peas, scallions and cillantro.

        1. A long time ago, I had posted a request for a friend, looking for a kosher breakfast place in Manhattan, open very early for breakfast. I recently came across an ad in the "Jewish Week" for David's, aka "Avi and David's" that was advertised to be open 24 hours.
          Though I remembered having seen this place mentioned on this board, I didn't realize at the time, that it had the hours he was looking for.
          Anyway, my friend checked it out the other day, and found it well stocked at about 6:44 or 7 a.m. He gave me a copy of the extensive, and creative menu. I was really impressed. Though he didn't have the time to stop for a bite that day, he will definitely be back for a breakfast, and possibly a take-out lunch. If he enjoys it , he'll probably be a regular, as he has to be in the area at least twice a week.

          Does anyone have some more specific items that they would recommend from the menu, as there are so many selections, it's hard to choose?

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            1. re: vallevin

              According to the restaurant's website, it's under the OK.

            2. re: Bzdhkap

              I remember going last year for breakfast and getting an egg special. My husband got a different egg special, possibly with pancakes. Both were fresh and delicious- they only start cracking the eggs once you order.

              I go for lunch often- it's right near bloomingdales! Their make your own salad is delicous and a great deal. They offer 5 toppings for $10 or unlimited for $11. (that's the prices I remember but I could be off by a little bit) The topping are fresh and they have everything from tuna to grape leaves to hearts of palm. I love their bagels too. The coffee could be a little bit hotter, but they'll steam it in the espresso machine if you ask.

              1. re: cheesecake17

                Was just there yesterday for the first time and had the Chinese Fusion Salad - AMAZING. All good things in one meal; mango, mandarin oranges, craisins, chinese noodles, veggy chicken, greens, candied pecans, delicious.

              2. re: Bzdhkap

                We were there last night at about 1 a.m. Had to sit on very high stools at the window, but it was ok. Had the tuna prosciotto (great) and pasta salad. French toast was good (we asked the guy eating it) and great salads. Prices a bit hefty, but we understood. Pleasantly surprised about it.