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Sep 3, 2007 10:50 AM

Yet another countertop question

I have read the two very long countertop threads (VERY helpful) and since they don't have any very recent posts I thought I would start a new thread.

Mine is more of an aesthetic question - it is so hard to tell from small samples how something is going to look, so am seeking advice from those who have gone before.

I've already decided on quartz (Viatera, not mentioned much here, similar to Silestone, Zodiaq, etc.). My colors are greys and beiges, and I have a LOT of counter space in my kitchen - it is a 14' x 14' footprint with lots of angles (like a big octagon), I have a big island in the middle, and a raised 12' long breakfast bar along one side. I think one color countertop everywhere would be overwhelming.

Since I want quartz (considered granite but I'm a hard cooking, messy slob - we spill red wine and tomato sauce, are really hard on our counters) I was thinking of using two complementary colors - mirror images of each other - a beige with grey flecks for most of the counters (Viatera color Palermo) and for the island and for the raised breakfast bar a grey with beige flecks (Viatera color Santiago). And what about the backsplash? I have no large area behind my sink (looks past the breakfast bar into the FR) and no large area behind my cooktop (all windows), so I'll probably just go with the same quartz.

My cabinets are very high quality painted, right now white, I would repaint them a different shade of white. I also have a tile floor which I'm thinking of replacing, but that's another story.

Please offer any opinions. I'm so confused.

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  1. lucky you with all that counterspace. my suggestion would be to use different materials for different work areas. butcher block, marble for pastry and then one countertop color over the whole area this way you get utility and yet avoid the monotonous look of the same color. dont know what color appliances you have otherwise stainless is also another material which could be used. my kitchen counters are corian in slate with some flecks of turquoise and red and assorted colors but i have one butcher block area and one stainless steel counter. this way the rest falls into place.

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    1. re: foodwich

      Thanks for you reply. I already have 2 built in pull-out butcher block chopping boards (one near the sink and one near the cooktop) which I actually never use (I'm an acrylic throw the cutting board in the dishwasher gal), and I NEVER bake (I cook but don't bake). I was just hoping for some perspective on having a lot of the same color/two colors problem.

      1. re: Eujeanie

        Hey, that's not fair!!! I want your kitchen because I do bake, and I love butcher block!!!!

    2. We really like our Silestone countertops -- black with silver and red speckles. Our cabinets are custom-made dark quartersawn oak, with white birch interiors.

      One countertop is not in a prep area and we use it for display or for putting out hors d-oeuvres at parties. The guys who did the cabinets installed a piece of red mahogany and it looks fantastic.

      I second the advice to try to install a different material in each area to go with its expected use.

      Good luck.