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Sep 3, 2007 10:40 AM

Granola in Lakeview

Hi Folks:

Yet again scouring your collective wisdom. My sweetheart and I leave for our Chicago honeymoon tomorrow--thank you for all your wonderful tips!

We will be staying in Lakeview, just a few blocks from Anne Sather's. Does anyone have suggestions about a really good bowl of granola in the Lakeview area? I love granola in the morning.


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  1. You might want to try Crust (on Webster or Damen) or Lula's. Not sure specifically if they serve granola- but they are both breakfast places that have more of an "earthy" and authentic menu

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      I highly recommend going to Green City Market ( a great farmers market. One of my favorite vendors there is Bleeding Heart Bakery and they have a fantastic granola bag you can buy and then you can eat it at your hotel if you want!

      Also, toast has pretty good granola too and other fantastic brunch items!

      Have fun on your trip!

    2. Go to Southport Grocer and you can get a great granola/fruit/yogurt plate. They use granola from Milk & Honey Cafe which is in Wicker Park and makes some of the best home-made granola ever. You can also buy bags to take home at Southport Grocer. Southport Grocer is on Southport just south of Addison.

      Despite its name, it is not a grocery store. They have a tiny little market where you can buy some take home goods (including great cupcakes) but most of the place is a sit-down table service breakfast type place.

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      1. re: NDJ

        Southport Grocer is great! I second this suggestion

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          I was going to suggest Milk and Honey, some of the Best granola I've had. I had it first at Metropolis which is far north in Edgewater (with great coffee) and then I bought some at the Green City Market, also mentioned. Glad to hear that Southport Grocer carries it--I might have to make a trip over there.

          1. re: marciab

            I third the recommendation for Milk and Honey's Granola - either by going directly there to get it, or you can get it from Southport Cafe and Grocery or Charlie Trotter's To Go (Fullerton just east of Southport). It's the best I've had anywhere!! Happy honeymoon!