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Sep 3, 2007 10:39 AM

Best Seattle Food in Jeans

Heading to Seatte Sept 5-10; I've got the usual recommendations, Etta's, Matt's, Zoe, Volterra,etc and have all the reservations made. Now looking for the BEST Seattle food I can eat without dressing up,,,I mean absolute best in Jeans and T-shirt/sweatshitr/sweater! This is my ultimate quest,,anyone can eat 5 star on $150 pp in a suite and tie,,where can I get 5 star in jeans and T shirt! Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can go in jeans to any of the restaurants you mentioned. In fact I haven't been to a restaurant here without wearing jeans or shorts and I've been to them all.

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    1. re: landguy

      OK,,,so I can go to ANY fine restaurant in Seattle in jeans and not be booted? I'm looking for the best in jeans.

    2. Unfortunately most Seattle restaurants are jeans friendly.

      1. I'd like to flip your question around and ask if there is a single remaining Seattle restaurant requiring a man to wear a jacket and/or tie? Or, for that matter, long pants? Perhaps Canlis? I've seen (and accompanied) men in shorts at every restaurant mentioned in the original post. Microfiber fleece-lined goretex rules over cashmere in Seattle...and I'm just talking about the socks.

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        1. re: Olympia Jane

          i took a friend and his wife to Canlis, he was just off the plane and wearing shorts and a "sportsman's" vest (lots of pockets etc), the staff at Canlis didn't bat an eye and showed us to a great table with great service etc. It might have helped that his wife was neatly dressed ;). You might be out of place at Herbfarm or Rover's although i doubt they would kick you out. Now if you wore your baseball cap inside the restaurant, that might be a different story...

          1. re: barleywino

            Sadly, even the Herbfarm is not immune to the underdressed. I noted a pair of Tevas and several fleece zip-ups.

            Seattle is just a painfully casual town. If Canlis allows shorts, I really doubt any place will really enforce a dress code. I'm all for nonpretension, but if you're going to be spending the money for a fine meal, I think it's only respectable to dress as nice as the food you're going to eat.

        2. Just make sure they are clean jeans, and please don't wear a t shirt or god forbid a sweatshirt-wear a sweater-and you'll be fine anywhere.

          Although I do see a trend of Seattlites dressing better these days, at least in the places I go. I can think of some places you'd feel decidedly un-hip in jeans and t shirt, but still, you could get away with it.

          1. I'm sorry that my original question is being interpreted as a dress code question,,,,it's not,,,the question is where is the best restaurant in which everyone is wearing jeans? We're here and already enjoying the city so it's no big deal,,,but we really love great food in ultracasual surroundings.

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            1. re: jksluck

              jksluck, Since you're going to be wearing old cloths, the perfect dish is the Szechuan Crab at Seven Stars Szechuan Restaurant. Neither you--nor your cloths--will emerge from the experience the same.

              1. re: Leper

                Wow and Bingo on Seven Stars,,had the crab and as you said it was out of this world,,also the hot and spciy wontons would have served as a meal in itself. Thanks for the great suggestion!

              2. re: jksluck

                where have you eaten in Seattle so far? did you find ANY places where everyone was wearing jeans? how was the food there? maybe you should first decide what restaurant is at the top of your list foodwise, then ask whether jeans are acceptable (or commonly worn) there

                1. re: barleywino

                  I have never been to a fine restaurant anywhere where everyone was wearing jeans or shorts. The most casual fine restaurant in Seattle? Tough call. Most seem to have about the same proportion of patrons sporting the jeans/chinos dress-casual look. Any place I might cite would be totally anecdotal. I have worn the same to all of the above plus Tilth, Lark, Crush, Campagne, Cremant, Union, Tavolata, Market Street etc. and did not feel out of place.