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Sep 3, 2007 09:48 AM

vegetarian/chain free in plano?

My husband and I are planning a trip to his father's in plano next month and need some serious dining advice. His father keeps mentioning lots of chains (which we want to avoid as much as possible) because that's where they eat. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian (but the foodie adventerous type) and my husband is okay with pretty much anything. The in-laws are not so into food and no matter how many times we have eaten together and have discussed it they don't understand vegetarians so I want to have some fallbacks when they suggest the chain steakhouse (someplace called Saltgrass had come up). We will be there for 5 days around Columbus Day and I want to start planning now!

I have heard good things about Zorba's already and have that on my short list.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a few good places I've found, I'm not a strict vegetarian, but I do eat lacto-ovo veggie most of the time, with some fish and seafood here and there.
    Fadi's mediterranian grill is amazing, the best is the vegetarian sampler platter that has all of the salads they offer, fresh pitas, amazing hummus and baba-ganoush. There are only 2 that I know of, one is on Preston Rd. on the Plano/Dallas line and one is in Frisco, about a 10 minute drive from Plano. It's worth the drive. Another great place that is independant, but has a few locations is Cafe Brazil, great vegetarian food and a fun place to hang out for coffee and desserts. There are multiple locations, but the one in Plano is on Coit rd. at the intersection of George Bush turnpike. They have the best breakfast around, but are open very late also.
    I'm from Connecticut originally, so I am a pretty picky, demanding foodie customer. These 2 places have my seal of approval!
    I hope this is a help. Plano isn't so bad once you peel off the rich, suburban outer layer.
    If you can see past it you'll have fun. : )

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    1. re: ginger7949

      nice suggestions, ginger.

      Roti Grill gets mixed grades from people but i've had mostly good luck (and vegetarian options) at this Indian place

      lots more indian in nearby richardson including Pasand

      Plano has a few Thai places with vegetarian choices...
      Jasmine Thai
      and Chow Thai Pacific Rim

      Nicola's at the Shops at Legacy has some non-meat pasta and pizzas

      and zea woodfire grill over by the tollway has some decent salads and sides, along with hummus and spinach dip and oodles of mainstream appeal

      1. re: teegee

        Teegee has good ones listed.

        See if you can talk the folks into a "better" steakhouse like Bob's. A good steakhouse will always have excellent veggie sides.

        I always like Thai Soon in Richardson - SE corner Coit and Beltline, near Starbucks.

        And isn't there a Fireside Pies in Plano now?

        York St can do a vegetarian tasting menu - inquire when you make a reservation.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions so far ginger & teegee.

      We just rented a car so the surrounding neighborhoods have opened up even if it just winds up being me and my husband. We are going to be in Fort Worth on Friday and also try to get into Dallas (I am thinking Lola's possibly one night). I haven't figured out what the smaller surrounding towns are yet (other than Richardson) but that broadens the selection so all suggestions are welcome!

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      1. re: faerienyc

        There is a place called Cosmic Cafe in Dallas on Oak Lawn. It is Vegetarian. Their wesbite is Enjoy.

      2. Dream Cafe is also veggie-friendly.

        On Tue evening they have 1/2 price entrees, Wed is 1/2 price bottles of wine, Thur has live music, and M-F 3-5:30 is 1/2 off appetizers and wine.