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Sep 3, 2007 08:55 AM

Best BBQ (non-mammal) in Memphis?

OK, I'm shipping the Chow-Spouse off to Memphis for a biz meeting soon. Been told that, when in Memphis, eat BBQ. BUT she doesn't eat mammals. SO, if she's staying at the Peabody, where should she go for BBQ chicken/duck/turkey/fish/shellfish (reptiles? amphibians? )

r gould-saltman
visiting from los angeles

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  1. Pork rules in Memphis, but you can find some other meats if you look. I think Cozy Corner has some bbq birds (and great chicken wings). Both Neely's and Interstate have a very good bbq turkey sandwich. Make sure you get slaw on it. Cozy Corner and Neely's are a short cab ride away from the Peabody, if you don't have a car.

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      Yes, go for the cornish game hen at cozy Corner. I would say that is the best bet by far.

      1. re: notgreg

        Cozy Corner also has some fine chicken wings--a relatively recent addition to the menu.

    2. Another good stop downtown is fried chicken at Gus's. Can take the trolley from the Peabody. I always stick to pork at the Q joints, but Cozy Corner is known for their cornish hen.

      1. If she wants to go vegetable, or fungus, as it were, the portabella at Central BBQ is fantastic. Requires a car or access to one, though.

        1. Cozy Corner is the best bet, but you might want to call ahead before you go because they do run out of birds early. They had when I was there.