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Sep 3, 2007 08:30 AM

Fresh Hot Peppers

I just received a bag of beautiful red and green jalapenos. However, I've never cooked with hot peppers before, so I'm not sure what to do with them. I usually just use hot sauces, crushed dried red pepper, and chili oil for spiciness in food.

I don't really like salad, so something cooked would be best. Can anyone make some recommendations even just to get me going in the right direction? Also, how long will these last?


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  1. Refrigerated they'll last a while. I'll venture a guess and say a week - possibly more.

    Google search ... "Jalapeno Poppers" for some great recipes.

    1. If you like vinegar, you can stuff a jar with the chilis and then cover them with vinegar and let them sit for a month in the fridge. Use the vinegar on beans and rice or greens, if you like southern food.

      Roasting and then removing the seeds can sweeten them up and then they make great slasa or chile verde.

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        red jallapenos are my favorite .try stuffing the with swiss or montery jack then thow them on the grill .i like mine burnt (brings out the sweetness )but light grill lines work good too.If you like cheese but not the mess that version tends to make ,stuff theme and thow them in a pan ,then cover with gratted cheese and broil .too good ,try stuffing red hungarian wax that way also ,you be hooked i garruntie.(thats the best cajun i could come up with )

      2. You can try this treatment with the red peppers, or use both red and green, although they won't be authentic Hunanese chopped salted chilies:

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        1. Roast them over a gas flame or grill until the skin is charred. Place in a plastic or paper bag for 5 minutes. Remove skins. Chop.

          Too many to use at once? Place them in zip bags and freeze 'em. Bingo -- year-round roasted peppers. Use in soups, stews, etc.

          1. Not knowing the quantity of chiles that you acquired, it is difficult to advise you. If you have an abundance of jalapenos that will take several weeks to consume, I suggest the following. Remove the stems, slice each pod in have from stem end to bottom, remove the seeds (using a teaspoon to scrape them out makes it easier), and briefly steam them to stop autolysis (spoiling). Wrap them in packets of a few halves, put packets in freezer bags and store in the freezer for future use. By storing in packets of small numbers, you can defrost as few or as many as you need at any given time.

            For immediate use, get some Roma tomatoes, onion, limes and fresh cilantro. Chop up the vegetables including fresh jalapenos, add a little salt and olive oil to the vegetables in a mixing bowl. The salt to release the juice from the tomatoes, the oil to release the capsaicin from the chiles, and there you have it...pico de gallo, a salsa fresca. I never cook my salsa. Oh yeah...corn chips are needed to consume this delicacy.

            Buon appetito e buona fortuna!
            (My wife is of Italian heritage, and I don't speak Spanish)

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              ChiliDude's salsa is alot like mine but I usually add another type of chile pepper for different tastes. Also, the longer the salsa sits, the hotter it gets.

              I like to stuff jalapenos with a mixture of italian sausage (out of casings), breadcrumbs, pecorino or parmesan cheese and oil (sometimes an egg to bind it). Then either pan fry or bake until the filling is cooked and the skin of the pepper is nice and soft. Serve ontop of warmed marinara sauce for a nice appetizer.