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Sep 3, 2007 07:45 AM

Beautiful Burger - Sonya's Place (Hwy 35)

At the risk of making my fav stop on route to a friends cottage even busier than it already is...
Yesterday I had the best burger ever. Bun was fresh and soft on the outside and perfectly toasted on the inside. Patty was obviously homemade, very tasty and perfectly cooked. Accoutrements were crisp and fresh (tomato, lettuce, pickle). Fries were piping hot, well-browned and served with a side of very good gravy - not the usual sludge. Tea was served "hot" in a little matching pot/cup thingie and topped up without asking. Mmmmm. The perfect food fix after two nights of shameless cottage partying. I almost licked the plate.

We make a couple of annual or semi-annual trips to various parts of cottage country, and we generally pick up food along the way. After many disappointments, we make a point of marking the map with the best and worst. We found Sonya's a few years ago. It about five minutes north of Norland and about 15K or so south of Minden. It is consistently good. We usually have breakfast (which is also very good), but yesterday was my first burger experience there. From now on, I'll be sure to time the trip to coincide with lunch. (I may even have to make a special trip.)

Sonya and her husband seem to take great pride and have earned a good rep with the locals. She now has a breakfast buffet to deal with the busy times. (It can be a little slow when it is busy as they work the floor themselves.) But we tend to stick to the menu as it is a better value for us ($9.95 for buffet). Sonya "tends" the buffet though to make sure everything is fresh. If you are heading north on Hwy 35, it is definitely worth a stop for a quick and tasty breakfast or lunch.

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  1. Thanks for the report. We go by this place often and have never been stopped. I'm interested in the breakfast as well. Is it the traditional egg and bacon, sausage or steak breakfast?

    If you take Hwy 12 by Beaverton when heading up to Haliburton, check out the Terrace Restaurant. It's just off of 12 on the road to Argyle (also called Glen Arm Rd or Concession 5). Their German menu items (smoked pork, schnitzl etc) are pretty good. During the summer there's often a fruit/veg stand near the corner of 35 and the same road.

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      Yes, they serve a traditional breakfast. Eggs anyway you like them, omlettes, bacon and other heartstopping meat selections. Not sure about the steak though. We find off the menu is cheaper for breakfast than the buffet. We just don't eat that much and prefer it hot off the grill. On the trip north, we used to stop in Coboconk, but now we keep going to Sonya's.

      Thanks for the tip on the Terrace. I don't get there much, but I'll mark it on the map.

      Also, when we take Hwy 28 to Bancroft, we stop at Sandy's. It is just at the turn off to Apsley. Clean restaurant with good reliable choices. I don't think the restaurant is officially called Sandys, but it is some version of that and you'll know it when you see it.

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        That's great, I just love those unhealthy breakfasts. You probably know all about it, but I will mention it anyways. Kawartha Diaries in Minden (amongst other places) has awesome full fat ice cream. I tend to go for the Bordeaux Cherry, but there are many flavours.

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          Well mikeb, it looks like this post is just you and me. Funny, I was a full vegetarian when I met my husband, but regardless, you really can't beat a great, heart-stopping, I-can't-believe-I drank-so-much, hangover breakfast.

          As for Kawartha Daries...MMMMmmmmm. (be still my heart... literally) If you want a possible closer locale, the general store in Enniskillen (north of Bowmanville off 57 on concession 8) serves up a fine assortment of KD cones. In the summer there is a usual crowd outside at the picnic tables scarfing back a monster cone. The line isn't as long as Kawartha Dairies in Minden and it is only 1 hr or less from TO.

          However, I am a bit of a purist, I love the strawberry and/or chocolate. I also buy vanilla to go with homemade chocolate fudge sauce (and walnuts). Kawartha Dairies really doesn't get the respect they deserve.

          1. re: dinin and dishin

            They've started selling Kawartha Dairies in selected stores in Toronto too.

            Thanks for the tip on Enniskillen/Bowmanville. I am in Bowmanville every few months, but I haven't found many places to go there yet. Or in and around Lindsay for that matter.

            Bueno--I'll try to spell dairies correctly in the future, but you can't teach this old dog new tricks. I've just called it the wrong name for too long, I guess. We can agree on what a great thing it is for all that KD's business is booming.

            1. re: mikeb

              Haha, no no -- what I meant was to correct you on the actual name of the company, not the spelling of Dairies. The name of the company isn't pluralized; The Kawartha Dairy. Not, Kawartha Dairies. That's all.

    2. Sorry to be an ass, but it's Kawartha Dairy. Not Kawartha Diaries, Dairies, Daries, etc.

      The spell-check police have left the thread. :)

      FWIW, their ice cream is second-to-none. The original in Bobcaygeon holds a very special spot in my heart. My how it's grown.

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        Speaking of Bobcaygeon, a nice little spot to stop off for dinner is called Just for the Halibut. It's a quaint little family-owned place that my family and I have been going to for years. They've never disappointed. :)

        And, for the record, I'd like to add my vote in for Kawartha Dairy's Bordeaux Cherry. Come on 2-4 cottage weekend!

        Just For The Halibut
        17 King St E, Kawartha Lakes, ON K0M, CA

      2. UPDATE: this year (summer 2008) we went by Sonya's twice and it was closed. Looks like they've shut down the restaurant business. They were a young family, so maybe it got too much. I sure missed them this summer. The pickings are pretty slim on that part of Hwy35. In fact it looks like a few other restaurants didn't make it either. If anyone knows what happend to Sonyas, I'd love to know...