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Sep 3, 2007 06:53 AM

Are these beans safe to eat?

In a fit of productivity, my husband and I cooked up a bunch of summer produce yesterday. I made a batch of white beans for a veggie soup, but due to miscommunication, we both thought the other had put them away.

Turns out, they stayed in the pressure cooker for about 12-14 hours. So are they still safe to eat? Why or why not?

Thanks, I'd hate to throw them away if we can avoid it, but I'd hate even more to get eveyone sick from them. :(


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  1. What did you cook with them? Or was it just the beans? Where they still hot when you found them?

    Sorry, but need more information to figure it out.

      1. There is a difference between bacteria that causes food to spoil and those that cause food poisoning. By reheating you can kill off germs that would cause food poisoning but if the beans are spoiled and have an off taste or smell no reheating will fix that.

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          All the whys are way too much for me to type at the moment, but put it this way. There's no way anyone can say with any reasonable assurance that they're safe unless the PC wasn't opened after cooking and before they were refrigerated (beans are low acid and contain protein - a really nasty potential breeding ground for harmful pathogens.) In that case, they would basically sterilized as well as cooked and "should" (theoretically) be OK, in terms of food safety. Anything else is a crap shoot with varying odds depending on a number of factors. And to me the bottom line is: since I assume you're not starving and the beans are just beans (ie, $.75/lb), which take about 30 minutes in the PC, what possible reason could you have for eating them?

          1. re: MikeG

            No argument there. I personally would toss them.

        2. Food police look out (avert your eyes) -- I have had black eyed peas left overnight on stove that were cooked with smoked bacon. Am alive to post to this day!