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Sep 3, 2007 06:42 AM

Aielli Italian Restaurant in Port Credit

We are thinking of taking business associates to dinner at Aielli and wondered if anyone has eaten there recently. It is an important dinner and we want to choose the right place. Any other recommendations would be appreciated as well. Geographically, anything from Etobicoke west to Oakville would be fine. Thanks so much

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  1. Reputed to be OK but not great. Piatto on Dundas just east of Miss. Rd. ain't bad.

    1. Aielli has a great wine list and I've had some nice dinners there..I prefer Via Allegro on the Queensway across from Sherway Gardens..(fabulous wine list and wonderful food). Oakville has some wonderful choices downtown..Olivers and Jonathans are both top notch..Julia's and Thyme aren't quite as fancy, but both great choices..

      1. It is okay, the service can be okay if sometimes a little truck stoppy. If it is an important dinner the finer dining restaurant Breakwater in the Waterside Inn (on Stavebank south of Lakeshore) overlooking Port Credit's harbour is nice with a great wine list. Sticking to Port Credit you may also be interested in 10 at Lakeshore and also Lago just west of Stavebank on Lakeshore.

        1. My new personal favourite spot for great Italian food in Mississauga is Solstice, on Lakeshore just east of Southdown (near the Tim Hortons) The food is authentic Italian and some great unique dishes like risotto riceball appetizer and ricotta crab cake. The place is new so the decor is sleek and modern, service always attentive.

          1. I was there about 1 yr ago for dinner. The food was acceptable, not spectacular.
            However, the owner, Luigi, was a very nice guy. He gave us a tour of the wine cellar & offered us some tastings too. If your business associates are into wine, it may be a bonus.